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SLA events today and next few days

  • 1.  SLA events today and next few days

    Posted 07-26-2021 12:05

    Join the SLA DICE, and the SLA NY on some upcoming events:


    SLA DICE - Panel Discussion on Disabilities and Librarianship

    When:  Jul 26, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)
    DICE (Diversity & Inclusion Community & Equity) invites you to join us for a candid discussion on disabilities and librarianship.
    JJ Pionke is the Applied Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    Joanne Oud (she, her) is Instructional Technology Librarian and Instruction Coordinator at Wilfrid Laurier University Library in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
    Linda Yau is an Adult and Teen Public Librarian at the Free Library of Philadelphia.
    Organized by Emma C. Antobam-ntekudzi

    Later this week...

    SLA NY Accessing Arts in NYC

    When:  Jul 29, 2021 from 14:00 to 15:00 (ET)
    This event is a conversation about several diverse special art collections housed in NYC, and the spectrum of accessibility to these collections. Equally this gathering will explore how these collections tell the stories of the artists past the collections preserve and how these materials connect to future works. The discussion will explore how existing systems, or those being developed, or yet to be introduced systems in these organizations would make the collections both accessible and centered in the ideals of the social and artist movements they collect/represent.

    Next week...
    SLA NY & SLA DICE The Biggest Obstacle - screening of a documentary about transportation accessibility in NYC

    When:  Aug 5, 2021 from 18:30 to 20:00 (ET)

    Join us on Thursday August 5th for a documentary screening and discussion with New York-based researcher and disability rights activist Jessica Murray.
    The Biggest Obstacle follows Jessica's investigations as she examines accessibility in the New York City Transit System over a two year period, wherein she progresses from a vocal activist to a person of actual influence and import in the system, all while under the shadow of her own imminent decline into disability due to multiple sclerosis.

    Register to get your spot now!!

    Clara Cabrera
    DICE Co-Leader
    SLA NY Events Chair/Diversity Co-Chair

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