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Juneteenth holiday closing - over 80% who responded will be closed Fri Jun 18

  • 1.  Juneteenth holiday closing - over 80% who responded will be closed Fri Jun 18

    Posted 06-08-2021 10:48


    I promised to report back to you on my survey to determine whether law firm and special libraries are closing on Friday of next week, June 18, 2021, to observe Juneteenth which falls on a Saturday this year.  I received 18 replies from a variety of libraries.  Over 80% will be closed on the 18th


    Who's closed for Juneteenth on 6 /18/2021   

    type of firm



    No decision

    in house observance


    Public or university librry



    Other types of special libraries



    Law firm






    Govt / Bar











    Here are selected comments with identifying information redacted.  Hope this helps others in making a decision about whether to observe Juneteenth and Columbus Day as well



    • _________is adding Juneteenth as an additional staff holiday (did so last year too), and staff who do not normally work on Saturdays have been invited to take a day off during the week leading up to it. At present I am seeing both Columbus Day and National Indigenous People's Day marked on our calendars for the holiday (which we also get) in October.
    • we have the Friday, June 18 off in observance of Juneteenth this year. We actually had it off for the first-time last year and it is now an official holiday.  The company has not celebrated Columbus Day since I have worked there, about 10 years now. 
    • Juneteenth is now a core holiday at [law firm, and we will be closed. Columbus Day has been a "floating" holiday for several decades. (Same with Presidents Day.)
    • Yes, we are observing Juneteenth on June 18th this year. We do not observe Columbus Day – I cannot remember if we ever did.
    • we are closed on June 18 in honor of Juneteenth  -we are not closed for any holiday in October and have not been for many years.
    • [firm]announced that June 18 will be a holiday for the firm this year to mark Juneteenth.
    • Our firm is giving Juneteenth this year on Friday, June 18th. We have never had Columbus Day off.
    • We will be getting Friday, June 18th as a holiday. Columbus Day is not a holiday at [firm). The days we take for holidays are:
      • Memorial Day, Monday,31 May 2021
      • Juneteenth, Observed, Friday,18 June 2021
      • Independence Day, Observed, Monday,05 July 2021
      • Labor Day, Monday, 06 September 2021
      • Thanksgiving, Thursday, 25 November 2021
      • Day After Thanksgiving, Friday, 26 November 2021
      • Christmas, Observed, Friday, 24 December 2021
      • New Year's Day, Observed, Friday, 31 December 2021
      • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, 17 January 2022
    • Our firm has added Juneteenth and changed the name of the October Holiday to Indigenous Peoples Day.
    • Our firm acknowledges Juneteenth like they did last year but does not give the day off as a holiday. Last year, they had a lunchtime zoom panel seminar.  Nor do they give Columbus Day off.  They acknowledge it on the inside firm portal page.  In fact, in my __ years as a librarian, the only firm that gave us Columbus Day off was ____ ____.
    • Union contracts have to be renegotiated in order to allow a change to any holiday.
    • No word yet on plans for Juneteeenth. Columbus Day hasn't been a holiday observed by the firm for many years.
    • Our firm is off on Friday, June 18th for Juneteenth. We lost Columbus Day to the MLK holiday
    • Our firm has announced they are permanently adding Juneteenth as a firm holiday for the US offices.  It is neither in addition nor in place of Columbus Day as Columbus Day has not been a firm holiday for at least the 4 years I've been at [the firm]  Nor has the firm called Columbus Day anything in particular.
    • Since I have been  ....     my firm has never given staff Columbus Day as a holiday.   Last year we were given Juneteenth as a holiday but have yet to hear if we will have it as a holiday this year.
    • [firm] started Juneteenth last year and now made an official Firm holiday. [firm] has never given Columbus Day.
    • Well, I read in American Lawyer that we've made it permanent.  I don't remember hearing that from the firm.  We've never had Columbus Day off. Law firm.
    • Our firm is giving June 18th as a paid holiday, but we don't have Columbus Day as a paid holiday, or at least haven't for many years. 
    • We are not giving Juneteenth off to everyone.
    • ---   started observing Juneteenth last year.  We will be closed this year on Friday, June 18th.   --- no longer observes Columbus Day.











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    Dear LLAGNY and SLA Colleagues


    Several big law firms giving staff off Friday, June 18th for Juneteenth which falls on a Saturday this year according to a short piece in the "In Brief" section of  today's (Friday, May 28, 2021)  New York Law Journal .


    Is your firm adding Juneteenth as a holiday?  If so, is it in addition to or in place of Columbus Day in October?   Is Columbus Day still a holiday at your firm? Has the firm changed the name it calls the holiday in October?  Is your organization in the legal space or another industry?


    Reply directly to me at  and I will summarize anonymously removing firm identifying information  for the LLAGNY and SLA-NY lists.


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