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    Posted 07-16-2019 23:34
    For those who didn't get to attend SLA Cleveland Conference or participate in last week's Twitter share, there's still time to hear about the Conference. For those who did attend it's an easy way to give back as well as learn about sessions you didn't get to! So be generous in your conference sharing. It's easy to do! Your Chapter can organize an event still this year. If your Chapter had someone presenting in Cleveland, they can give a synopsis; people can share about sessions they attended. If your Chapter is short on time/volunteers, it can be as simple as informally meeting up for coffee for an hour and sharing what you learned. If your Chapter is spread out too far geographically, set up a Video Meeting.

    The New York Chapter is doing both types of events -informal breakfast and Professional Development meeting. We had a  quick breakfast meeting just after Conference and next week SLA NY is teaming up with LLAGNY to share and learn about both conferences.  So if you're in the NYC area, there's still time to register for the July 22 event!
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