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Our distinguished past speaker....

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    Posted 04-25-2021 21:20
    One of or past presenters at a SLA NY event was recently honored!

    Associate Professor Johanna Fernandez was awarded the  2021 Frederick Jackson Turner, Merle Curti Social History, and the  Liberty Legacy Foundation Awards from the Organization of American Historians.
    Johanna Fernandez, Baruch College of the City University of New York, for The Young Lords: A Radical History.
    Organization of American Historians is the World's largest professional group dedicated to US history with more than 7,800 members in US and abroad.

    Listed below are some of the other awards:

    2021 Frederick Jackson Turner Award, Organization of American Historians

    2021 Merle Curti Social History Award, Organization of American Historians

    2021 Liberty Legacy Foundation Award, Organization of American Historians

    2020 New York City Book Awards, The New York Society Library

    Associate Professor Johanna Fernandez joined Kate Adler and Jorge Juan Rodríguez V for the SLA NY event The Young Lords in the Archives in November 2020.

    It was great to hear the conversation that surrounded the work in her book, Young Lords Party: A Radical History.  The engaging conversation of the panelist made it a memorable event.  Sadly, technology worked against us for a recording that night.

    Sending our congratulations to Associate Professor Johanna Fernandez.
    All the best, Clara

    Clara Cabrera
    DICE Co-Convener
    SLA NY Events Chair/Diversity Co-Chair

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