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  • 1.  NY is "in the house" at SLA Conference! NY Speakers/Events

    Posted 08-09-2021 18:35
    Edited by Eileen Rourke 08-11-2021 20:01
    Conference Update Wednesday  August 11:

    Today at the Opening Session, the SLA Board and Conference Planners were acknowledged.
     Besides Nathan Rosen,Boardmembers Emma Davidson and Hildy Dworkin were also part of the Conference Planning Team. Thank you for a great (content and technology) Conference so far!


    The NY Community is well represented at the virtual SLA Conference this year!  We hope you will support your NY colleagues by attending these sessions at the Conference!
    First we started with 2 Award Winners- Clara Cabrera and Emma Antobam-Ntekudzi- Congratulations! Well deserved- You make NY proud!
    Emma will also be doing a Poster session on Thursday, August 12 at 2:45pm.

    On Tuesday, Aug 10th 11AM-12Noon  for the NY Community Managers Roundtable, Victoria North (our SLA President now in London!) and I (Eileen) are co-hosting the Managers Roundtable. Irene Pantakis, who is one of the originators of the Managers Roundtable will host one of the breakout discussions. Christine Pelosi who recently launched the Roundtable for mid-Career librarians will share that experience.

    NY Community members are active in DICE. Tom Nielsen will be leading  a discussion about change ("Where Do We Go from Here?) on Thursday at 11AM and also a  DICE/Compassionate Librarianship session is available starting on Sat, Aug 14th - that session will be available after the Conference through a recording.

    Dan Hickey has been leading the way for the B&F Community events and  Nathan Rosen was one of the Conference Planners!- They have both done a terrific job of  planning ahead to make these events happen!

    If I missed anyone, I apologize!  Please feel free to add postings showcasing the NY Community.

    So if you are registered for the Conference, please sign up for these events! There is still time to register for the Conference this week!

    Eileen Rourke
    Membership Engagement Chair
    SLA NY

    Eileen Rourke
    SLA-NY Membership

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    Posted 08-11-2021 19:45
    Eileen -- NY is really everywhere! Thanks for sharing everyone's events.

    Christine Pelosi
    Information Specialist / 4A's