2020 Events

It is a challenging time and the Special Libraries Association - New York Chapter wants to provide you with the learning and social opportunities that you find most useful. The SLA NY Board postponed all our in-person meetings and events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please see below for the virtual events planned for the rest of 2020.  

Upcoming 2021 Events

Check back soon! 

Past 2020 Events
Women's March, January 18th
Contact/Org: Vida Cohen
Short Description: March together. Meet up with some of your fellow Information Professionals marching in the 2020 Women’s March.

Theatre Outing - Fire This Time Festival (Sunday Feb 2nd)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera/Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description: Celebrate African American History month with SLA-NY. See 6-7 world premiere 10-minute plays written by emerging playwrights of the African Diaspora. The first 5 SLA members will get tickets for free, ticket price $20.

Quarterly Managers Round Table Meetings (the 1st will be on Feb 7th)
Contact/Org: Eileen Rourke/Kara Masciangelo
Short Description: Come to the SLA NY Managers Breakfast round table discussion group for chapter members currently in management positions or with supervisory responsibilities. This group will provide an informal network for participants to seek advice and share best practices with their peers.

A Viewing of the Documentary on the Life of Toni Morrison, The Pieces I Am (Friday evening Feb 28th & Sunday afternoon March 1st)
Contact/Org: Rita Ormsby
Short Description: Celebrate African American History month with SLA-NY. Explore the literary legacy of Toni Morrison at a screening of the documentary film about the acclaimed novelist and champion for the arts who passed away August 5, 2019.
Check out the details for the Feb 28 viewing and the March 1 viewing.

Exploring the U.S. Census: Your Guide to America’s Data (March 5)
Contact/Org: Rita Ormsby
Short Description: Join this fireside chat with author and CUNY Baruch Librarian discussing his recently published title on the US Census. Frank Donnelly places the Census in the context of the open data movement. This text makes the history and practice of the Census relevant so readers can understand what a crucial resource it is for research and knowledge.

Sharpen Excel Skills, August 5th 6-7pm (EST)
Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description: This session will provide an introduction to basic excel functionality any offer suggested best practices for arranging, organizing and formatting your data in order to better manipulate it to generate and highlight the information you need. Topics covered will include: numeric formats, copying and moving data, printing tips, sorting and filtering, as well as an introduction to formula and pivot table tips and best practices.

Have MLIS Will Travel, August 19 at 6:30pm (EST)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera and Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description:Meet some of the LIS folks who take travel to a new level, and gain some good travel tips for yourself.

A Feminist Virtual Walk Through through Harlem: Celebrating Remarkable Women, August 26 at 6:00pm (EST)
Contact/Org: Leigh Hallingby
Short Description: August 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in the United States. In honor of this milestone, please join Leigh Hallingby for a virtual walk through both African American Harlem and Spanish Harlem.

Amplify Your Voice, September 17 at 4:00pm (EST) 
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera and Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description: Join us for this conversation whether you’re thinking of running for elected office, forming a Social Justice focused non-profit, or just want to hear and learn from colleagues in the library profession that are actively seeking to extend their reach and make change in our society.
Watch the Webinar at your convenience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mgy6wDcNNvQ

How to Create Walking Tours, September 30 at 7:00pm (EST)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera
Short Description: Find out the process and learn some tips to create your own walking tour. Some fun themes will be explored!

The Young Lords in the Archives, November 17 at 6:30 (EST)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera and Rita Ormsby
Short Description: Join this panel discussion exploring the 1970’s New York activist group the Young Lords, the collecting of the NYC materials via archival records, and the lost history of a NYC movement.

Remote Access Management for Special Libraries, December 8 at 6pm (EST)
Contact/Org: Victoria North
Short Description: A discussion on the options special libraries can employ to access their digital content remotely. The topic will include current problems, familiar methods of accessing content remotely, security considerations, content and user management issues, and most importantly ways to solve these problems.
Watch the webinar and download the presentation slides at your convenience at the following links:
Webinar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m2jJAb1KVRL7fIV7SNpYyZcgse3lvNmb/view
Presentation Slides: https://bit.ly/2WteeNn

2020 Postponed Events
Our Annual Karaoke HerStory 
Contact/Org: Kara Masciangelo
Short Description: Celebrate Women’s History month with SLA-NY. Sing along to songs made by women. All folks welcome to join in this fun annual event. Cost: $14

Early Career panel 
Contact/Org: Emma Antobam-ntekudzi
Short Description: Find out what you should be doing as a student to get yourself in the right shape to be a professional in the industry when you graduate!

Look the Part (April)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera/Emily Toder/Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description: A panel event discussing authenticity, individuality, and the right to self-expression in the office/stacks/archive.

Get the Part (May)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera/Emily Toder/Flordalisa Lopez
Short Description: Panel event that provides a guide as to what skill/talent to bring to get that job/promotion.

A Summer Tour of Central Park (May/June)
Contact/Org: Vida Cohen
Short Description:

Independent Bookstore Walking Tour – Part 2 (May/June)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera
Short Description: Continuing the walk started the summer of 2019. Join fellow information professionals as we walk the length of Manhattan. We will follow a path from Greenwich Village to the top of Manhattan by way of Independent bookstores throughout the city.

Research & Publishing on the Young Lords (June)
Contact/Org: Rita Ormsby & Clara Cabrera
Short Description: A panel discussion on researching and publishing on the New York movement the Young Lords. 

NYC Archive/Library/Museum Tour (Summer)
Contact/Org: Lily Chin
Short Description: Join us as we visit one of the many NYC locations our fellow professionals have worked in on this tour of a NYC Archive, Library or Museum Tour.

Pride LGBTQ Event in NYC
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera
Short Description: Show your PRIDE! This year SLA-NY asks all NY Information Professionals to walk together in one of NYC fabulous Pride events. Collaboration of SLA and Que(e)ry.

Gowanus Canal/Brooklyn Canoeing (Summer)
Contact/Org: Rita Ormsby
Short Description: Join us for a canoe voyage to neighboring waterfront communities of Red Hook, Sunset Park and Brooklyn Heights.

Kayak/Manhattan (Summer)
Contact/Org: Kara Masciangelo
Short Description: SLA on the Hudson is back! This is a perfect way to wind down the summer and we hope you’ll join us as we’re hitting the water again!

National Library/Archives Conferences recap (July/August)
Contact/Org: Emma Davidson
Short Description: Join us for a recap of some of great moments of the national library conferences you may have missed this year, sessions you didn’t get to and were all the buzz, or you want to learn about for future conference planning. Collaboration of SLA-NY, LLAGNY and other local library association chapters.

Baseball Game (Summer)
Short Description:

Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills (August/September)
Contact/Org: Karen Erani
Short Description:Start to improve your communication and build leadership skills by learning the methods of being an effective public speaker at this event.

Membership Honors (Sept)
Contact/Org: Eileen Rourke
Short Description: An event to acknowledge past volunteers, highlight new members, honor past chapter Presidents/Officers, and present annual chapter awards.

SLA-NY Business Meeting Breakfast (Oct/Nov)
Contact/Org: Victoria North
Short Description: Recap the year of SLA-NY chapter accomplishments, and meet the new slate of Board members for 2021.

Social Media Research (Fall)
Contact/Org: Clara Cabrera
Short Description: What information can you find on social media platforms on people/companies/topics? What resources or tools are available to conduct valuable research buried in social media sites/apps? Find out at this event.

Tech Services focused event (Fall)
Short Description:

Lubuto Library Partners (??)
Contact/Org: Rita Ormsby
Short Description: Learn about a project close to the chapter’s heart for many years. The Lubuto Library Partners builds the capacity of public libraries in sub-saharan Africa to create opportunities for equitable education and poverty reduction. A chat with Lubuto Library Partners president/founder, and the 2007 SLA & Dow Jones Factiva Leadership Award recipient, Jane Kinney Meyers.

Holiday Party (Dec/Jan)
Contact/Org: Victoria North/Vida Cohen
Short Description: Join your fellow SLAers for food, fun and festivities to celebrate the end of a year and the start of a new one.

Affinity Events:
Events organized by other organizations/people that we will market or feature as we collaborate with other Info Professionals.

  • Featured NYC Archive Panels (Clara Cabrera & Melissa), Monday April 20th at NYU Tamiment Library
  • NY Comic Con Meet up (Clara Cabrera & Elyssa)

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