SLA NY Presents: Capital IQ: a Dynamic Tool for Information Professionals

When:  Feb 27, 2024 from 09:00 to 10:00 (ET)

Capital IQ is an integrated web-based platform which provides news, market data, company financial data, industry information, analytics, and research on public and private companies globally.  This tool was designed by investment bankers for investment bankers, but has broader applications for professionals in various industries.  In this session, we will discuss an overview of the platform and its capabilities for company and industry analysis, such as screening, financial analysis, peer group analysis, and industry reporting.



Ms. Costello is a professional educator, business librarian, and corporate credit specialist.  She brings 14 years of banking experience in real estate, syndicated, leveraged, and corporate finance to the courses and research she conducts for universities and private clients.  Ms. Costello is passionate about information and financial literacy, which is reflected in her research and instruction.  She is also an experienced manager who served as a Director of a non-profit microfinance organization and led a team of 15 risk professionals as the head of a Credit Portfolio Management team at the Royal Bank of Scotland.  Ms. Costello has published in the Journal of Education for Business and spoken at multiple industry conferences and roundtables in the finance and information services fields.  Specialties: Underwriting large leveraged or cross-border transactions; Active credit portfolio management; Maximizing risk adjusted Return on Capital; Information literacy; Managing teams; Designing and implementing finance and information literacy courses; Designing and managing social impact ventures