Communications Guidelines

Reference Guide on How to Submit Communication Announcements for Chapter Events

SLA NY Communications Committee | SLA NY Communications Chair

Guiding Principles

The SLA NY Communications Committee is, first and foremost, a service group led by the Communications Chair. The Committee will work in tandem with event organizers to distribute announcements to SLA Connect, student listservs and Chapter social media accounts. The following timeline is a guideline for distribution for Chapter events and has been outlined by the Communications Committee at the request of Chapter members.

6 Weeks From Event Date: Email Communications to request a “Save the Date” announcement with any relevant details for the event. This includes formal copy for the announcement even if venue hasn’t been formalized. Any info is appreciated and should be drafted by the event organizer -- please see below for type of info needed. This notice will be shared on the Chapter Events Newsletter and on SLA Connect.

4 Weeks From Event Date: Registration opens up on the SLA website. Email webmaster,, and Communications,, to confirm details.

Please use the following template when sharing information about your event:
  • Event title
  • Event organizers
  • Date of event
  • Time of event
  • Location of event (List full address and transportation options)
  • Description of the event (This should be written how you want it to read on the website)
  • Cost for event (Please leave any relevant payment details)
  • Is there an attendee limit? If so, what is the number?
  • When should registration close?
  • Would you like the attendee list to be publicly available or kept private?
  • Image for posting. This really makes our site look much livelier!
If the registration opening falls on an Events Newsletter week, it will be included in the Newsletter. If it does not fall on an Events Newsletter week, the copy that the event organizer provides will be distributed to the New York Community on SLA Connect, the student listservs, and social media accounts.

2 Weeks From Event Date: Reminder for your event will be posted to the event thread in the New York Community on SLA Connect and amplified on social media. This action will trigger an email notice to all subscribed members who have opted to receive email notifications. (Note: Event organizers are encouraged to comment on their event threads. However, please do not create multiple threads for your event. We want members to be able to find all pertinent details in one place.) If it falls on a Newsletter week, it will be included in the Events Newsletter.

1 Week From Event Date: *Optional* Event organizer drafts personalized email to be posted on the event thread in the New York Community on SLA Connect. Reminders can be distributed on social media for final push for event registration.

If your event reaches attendance capacity at any point on this timeline, please email to make sure that the Communications Committee knows that this event is full and that reminders should not be disseminated.

For any questions/comments on this reference guide, please email

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the event organizer to adhere to this timeline. If you are planning an event, please set schedulers as reminders to loop in Communications at these week markers or include the time markers in the initial email about your event. While the Communications Committee is responsible for distributing the content that the event organizers send to the team, the responsibility of staying on track with announcements is with the event organizers.

Revised April 2018