Mission + Vision Statement


Situated in a global center of knowledge and knowledge professionals, the SLA New York Chapter identifies, defines, and communicates the value of its members. The Chapter anticipates and evaluates trends with the intention of exploring and creating opportunities to influence the knowledge industry.


The New York Chapter will be the regional catalyst for the fostering and discussion of new professional ideas through which its members will become the most competitively positioned knowledge professionals in the metropolitan area.


Champions the value of our membership to the information and knowledge marketplace; promotes the recognition of accomplishments within the organization and society.
  • Continue the mentoring program for students, and create a professional to professional mentoring program.
  • Create a YouTube video on mentoring, using the Business and Finance video on mentoring from the late 1990s as a model.
  • Create a new video for marketing information professionals to employers and post it on YouTube.
  • Redesign the SLA-NY website for maximum member usability and to serve as a platform for chapter marketing.


Identifies and communicates new employment trends and creates training opportunities to cultivate an evolving skill set and expertise.
  • Establish and encourage a career development program that emphasizes the growth of the whole professional.
  • Organize and create an Education Committee of professionals who will work in tandem with area information science and library schools to shape curriculum in these schools. After creating the model, partner with other chapters in approaching other schools on the East coast.
  • Initiate a research program that documents and confirms current benchmarks and metrics within and for special libraries to explore whether these metrics are aligned with current employers’ expectations.


Connects members to a network of information professionals, recruiters, vendors, students, and other related information industry partners, fostering a collaborative approach to advocacy on behalf of the profession and learning.
  • Re-invigorate or re-imagine a more formal member networking organization in which members can seek, recommend, and secure career information and opportunities.
  • Identify ten related information professional associations and initiate at least three events or programs per year in partnership with them.

Information Policy

Aspires to enable our members to define, influence and execute information policy within their organization. Through its usual platforms of programming, publishing or information distribution, the Chapter will:
  • Explore the new information infrastructure now in use within organizations (applications, language, open source, cloud, etc.)
  • Explore tools for information access and distribution (such as proprietary organizational tools and methods, access to information through mobile platforms, search, social networking, etc.)
  • Understand the organizationally specific use of information in observing industry regulatory environments and for working in conjunction with compliance and regulatory agencies while securing information for future use, in proper formats, and in anticipation of disaster.