Social Media Guidelines

Polite, Professional, Practical: SLA NY’s Social Media Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for anyone posting to SLA NY’s social media accounts for personal use or on behalf of the Chapter. It will also allow Chapter members to see what they can expect from us on social media, and we welcome your input in keeping our social media interactions fresh and relevant.

The guiding principles for all SLA NY social media postings are, in short:
  • Be polite
  • Be professional
  • Consider your words (remember that once you hit ‘post’ you can’t go back - even if you delete posts they can still be discovered).

At the time of writing, SLA NY uses the following channels to reach out to its members and other interested readers:
  • SLA NY website
  • SLA Connect
  • Twitter: @SLANewYork, and hashtag #slany
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

General tone and behavior
  • If you are in any doubt about anything please seek guidance from the Communications Chair
  • We aim for posts to be informative, interesting, relevant and timely
  • Individual voices are welcomed, and humor is often appreciated
  • Never engage in an argument - if necessary step away
  • On occasion it may be necessary to post something potentially controversial, but nothing inappropriate or offensive should be posted to any SLA NY accounts. Please note that the Communications Committee is monitoring our Chapter social media properties and will remove any content that violates this policy.