Volunter for a Committee

Volunteer for a Committee

SLA NY offers many opportunities for volunteering. Please see below for our variety of committees that are always seeking volunteers and we also welcome micro volunteer opportunities that don’t require a long commitment. SLA NY welcomes all volunteers for both long and short term opportunities.

Interested in volunteering with us? Email SLA NY President Victoria North at slanypresident@outlook.com.

Professional Development Committee | Chair: Clara Cabrera

SLA NY's Professional Development Committee creates and plans educational programs for members and the local library community. These programs help members keep up with the profession, learn new skills, and broaden their network. Committee work may involve any number of tasks, including: 
  • Creating, planning or facilitating programs
  • Promoting programs through written promotional pieces or in person
  • Contacting speakers
  • Handling program logistics. 
Through these activities, committee members can expect to broaden their own network and gain experience developing and planning innovative events.

Hospitality/Arrangements Committee | Chair: Vida Cohen

The role of this committee is to work with our event organizers to determine the logistical requirements for each event - particularly venues, refreshments and on-site registration.

If you have a keen eye for detail, this may be the committee for you! You’ll get hands-on experience of every aspect of event logistics, from visiting potential venues to making name badges. Volunteering for this committee is also an excellent opportunity to meet SLA NY members as you work with the various event organizers and greet attendees on arrival.

Communications Committee | Chair: Jo Polanco

The SLA NY Communications Committee is a service group, working with event organizers to distribute announcements to the Community listserv, student listserv and Community social media accounts. Their work is vital for making sure that everyone is kept up to date with news, and seeing that all our events are well promoted. Members of this committee tend to be organized and process-driven, with plenty of creative flair.

Membership Committee | Chair: Eileen Rourke

The Membership Committee is another service group, charged with welcoming new members to the NY Community, conducting surveys to ensure that we understand the needs of our members, and planning social events.

Diversity Committee | Chair: Lisa Lopez

Aligned with DICE, SLA NY's Diversity Committee is dedicated to:
  • Fostering an interest in issues that are relevant for promoting a “culture of inclusion”
  • Developing and creating programs related to the recruitment, retention, development, and advancement of members who represent the diverse population of the Association.
We focus on providing programs that can speak on Diversity and Inclusion topics seen in our work environment as well as in the New York City Tri-State area. We have had fun and interesting events to honor and celebrate heritage months, like Black History Month, Women's History Month, Honoring our LGBTQ Community, Hispanic History Month to name a few.

Programs can be within these areas:

Fun activities happening in the Tri-state area within music, theater and/or the arts
We have panels and guest speakers on interesting topics
We have Walks in person and virtually
Trainings in Cultural Intelligence and beyond

Awards Committee | Chairs: Victoria North, Alice Griffin, Eileen Rourke, Jo Polanco, and Christine Pelosi

SLA NY is fortunate to have so many active members who serve the community and its goals. Each year the Awards Committee identifies groups and individuals who deserve recognition for their hard work and service at all levels of the profession. Working on this committee suits those with a more outgoing style, as it requires conducting interviews, involvement in chapter events, and solicitation of nominations. Learn more about SLA NY's awards. 

Student Scholarship and Travel Awards Committee | Chair: 

Closely related to the Awards Committee, this group works primarily on encouraging student involvement in the community, and awards the Ellis Mount Scholarship.

Conference Committee

One of our newest committees, founded in fall 2013, this group exists to plan the annual SLA NY conference. Their remit covers a wide range of tasks, and they work closely with many of the other committees to achieve success. New members are always welcome, and the diverse skill set required by this committee means that there’s a role for everyone!