Volunteering with SLA communities is a great way to take advantage of your SLA membership and contribute to moving our industry forward. SLA-NY is always looking for volunteers for our Board. Joining the Board provides opportunities to learn new skills, as well as gain leadership experience. 

Board members are expected to attend a monthly Board meeting (unless otherwise noted), as well as major events of the Community. The President, President-Elect, and Secretary are officially part of the Executive Board.

SLA-NY is in the recruiting phase for 2025. We're currently looking to fill the President-Elect positions. We're also looking for extra help with our committees, specifically events and membership. 

If you're interested in taking one of the open roles or joining any of the following committees, please contact current President, Flordalisa Lopez (a.k.a. Lisa) at Flordalisa13.lopez@gmail.com



Three-year commitment: one year as President-Elect (see below), one year as President and one year as Past-president. Successfully gain leadership skills, find your management style, and learn how to work with a remote team. 

Duties may include:

  • Set strategy and vision for the Community
  • Builds relationships with other SLA Communities and related organizations
  • Finds creative methods to keep volunteers and members informed and engaged
  • Defines event-related milestones and methods for managing them
  • Lead monthly SLA-NY Board meetings
  • Host SLA-NY’s Annual Business meeting
  • Lead the Awards Committee
  • Attend quarterly SLA Board meetings at the national level
  • Work with Community to produce an event during SLA’s Annual Conference
  • Attend the meeting of the Community Cabinet held during the Association's annual conference
  • Periodic reporting responsibilities to SLA headquarters, including annual report and setting a yearly budget
  • Aids in the recruitment of volunteers for opening positions during the upcoming year.

Approximate time commitment per month: 5-20 hours


Three-year commitment, one year as President-Elect, one year as President (see above), and one year as Past-President

Duties may include:

  • Learns as much as possible about the operation of the Community
  • Substitutes for the Community President during monthly Board meetings and events
  • Recruits members for open volunteering positions to serve during current and upcoming presidency
  • Be part of the Awards Committee
  • Attend the meeting of the Community Cabinet held during the Association's annual conference, and periodic reporting responsibilities to SLA headquarters.
  • Aid in events held during the SLA Annual Conference
  • Other tasks and project the President-Elect would like to take on.

Approximate time commitment per month: 5-20 hours


Commitment: 1-year term

Duties may include:

  • Serve as a member of the Community Executive Board
  • Create the agenda for the Board meetings and remind members of upcoming meetings
  • Attend and take minutes during monthly SLA-NY board meetings
  • Set up Zoom meetings (when virtual) and keep schedule of Board meetings
  • Store meeting minutes and agendas and other Community records on the New York - Leadership Connect Library
  • At the end of the Association year, archival material should be transferred to the Community archivist
  • Other tasks or projects that Secretary would like to take on.
Approximate time commitment per month: 3-5 hours


Leads and maintains the SLA-NY Connect website. Works closely with the Communications, Professional Development, and Diversity Committees. No experience with websites needed! Lots of opportunity to learn and have your ideas heard.

Duties may include:
  • Maintain the website, including page creation, website organization, and navigation using Higher Logic
  • Set up and post event to the SLA-NY website using Higher Logic, Eventbrite, and Remo
  • Work with Communications Committee to coordinate content and announcements
  • Attend monthly board meetings
Approximate time commitment per month: 5-15 hours


The SLA-NY physical archives were recently organized and is currently being housed off-site in temporary storage. We also have digital archives that need to be assessed and organized. This position is also provides learning opportunities for those wanting to test out the archival field.

Duties may include:
  • Work with the community on preserving community archives
  • Manage the current collection as it finds a permanent home
  • Attend at least one board meeting a quarter.
Approximate time commitment per month: 1-3 hours

Student Liaison

The Student Liaison volunteer position connects current students interested in librarianship and archives, as well as data, knowledge, and information management with working professionals in the New York area. A big part of this role is student member outreach, but this is a new volunteering position for SLA-NY and we'd love to hear your ideas on ways we can better connect with and support students as they head into the workforce.

Depending upon interests, projects may include:
  • Student member outreach
  • Event organization
  • Panelist/speaking opportunities
  • Website management
  • Managing the community archives
  • Web content creation.
Requirements include current enrollment in a school program, current member of SLA (only $10 for students!), and the attendance of our monthly board meetings at least once a quarter.

Approximate time commitment per month: 2-5 hours


Awards Committee

Each year the Awards Committee identifies groups and individuals who deserve recognition for their hard work and service at all levels of the profession. Our awards include the Rising Star Award, Spotlight Award, Agnes Mattis Travel Award, and the Dana Gordon Librarian of the Year.

Duties may include:

  • Solicitation of award nominations
  • Creation of an online nomination form
  • Working with the award winners for bios, web content, and more
  • Involvement in organizing and speaking at SLA-NY’s annual business meeting.
Approximate time commitment per month: 1-5 hours (This position is short-term as our awards nomination timeline is about 2-4 months.)

Communications Committee

Works closely with all aspects of SLA-NY.

Duties may include:
  • Creating bimonthly member newsletter promoting SLA-NY events and announcements
  • Managing SLA-NY social media accounts
  • Establish relationships with other library organizations and NY library schools
  • Attend monthly Board meetings.
Approximate time commitment per month: 3-8 hours

Diversity Committee

Aligned with DICE, SLA-NY's Diversity Committee is dedicated to:

  • Fostering an interest in issues that are relevant for promoting a “culture of inclusion”
  • Developing and creating programs related to the recruitment, retention, development, and advancement of members who represent the diverse population of the Association.
We focus on providing programs that can speak on Diversity and Inclusion topics seen in our work environment as well as in the New York City Tri-State area. We have had fun and interesting events to honor and celebrate heritage months, like Black History Month, Women's History Month, Honoring our LGBTQ Community, Hispanic History Month to name a few.

Programs can be within these areas:

  • Fun activities happening in the Tri-state area within music, theater and/or the arts
  • We have panels and guest speakers on interesting topics
  • We have Walks in person and virtually
  • Trainings in Cultural Intelligence and beyond.
Approximate time commitment per month: 5-10 hours

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is charged with recruiting and welcoming new members.

Duties may include:

  • Managing member lists
  • Sending "welcome messages to new members"
  • Conducting surveys to ensure we understand the needs of our members
  • Working with local associations, schools, and colleges/universities
  • Planning events
  • Attend monthly board meetings.
Approximate time commitment per month: 1-8 hours

Professional Development/Events Committee

SLA-NY's Professional Development Committee creates and plans educational programs for members and the local library community. These programs help members keep up with the profession, learn new skills, and broaden their network.

Duties may include:

  • Creating, planning or facilitating programs
  • Promoting programs through written promotional pieces or in person
  • Contacting speakers
  • Handling program logistics
  • Hosting and/or MCing events
  • Work with Communications team and Webmaster to coordinate announcements
  • Attend monthly board meetings.
Through these activities, committee members can expect to broaden their own network and gain experience developing and planning innovative events.

Approximate time commitment per month: 5-15 hours