elephant-300x225.jpg  Pictured here are several community members on our visit to the Endangered Ark Foundation in Hugo, Oklahoma, for a community program in 2017.  The excursion included lunch at Angie's Circus City Diner and a visit to the Showmen's Rest at the Mount Olive   Cemetery.
  The Oklahoma Community will celebrate its 65th Anniversary in 2021.  Our membership has shrunk a bit from the most recent high of 47 members (on October 23, 2008) to 18 (as of January 2021) with members spread out all over the state.  Our major concentrations of membership are still the major urban centers (OKC, Tulsa, Norman, and Stillwater) with an occasional member in the more remote areas of the state.  We even have several members who reside outside the State of Oklahoma (thank you for supporting our chapter)!
  We currently are using SLA Connect as our main communication tool (which you are automatically enrolled in), but we also use email   as a secondary channel.

We try to offer a variety of programming throughout the year (at different locations throughout the state).  Our goal, 3-4 programs per year.  Many of our programs include a tour of the host library and we additionally offer numerous social events throughout the year; most specifically, a Summer Social and a Holiday Social, and in 2019 we resurrected the Community Dine-Arounds (every other month or so, we travel to various cities throughout the state for a Community "Dutch-treat" dinner).  We have not yet met to set our programming for 2021, but will keep all of the programming ideas that we had intended for 2020 (pre-COVID) on the front burner as destinations to resurrect once things open up a bit and it is safer to gather and/or travel.
Note: the community always pays for lunch at every program, and, we never charge library school students to attend any of our programs.  We attempt to liaise with the OU School of Library and Information Studies as often as possible.