The Chapter does NOT have any specific awards at the chapter-level, but here is the information on the Awards and Honors available at the association-level.

The SLA Awards and Honors Committee is made up of five members, including the two most recent Past Presidents (each serving as Chair of the Committee in his/her second year), the President-Elect, and two members of the Board who are serving in the third year of their term. The Past Presidents serve two-year terms and the President-Elect and third year board members serve one-year year terms.

The Committee shall:

  1. Recommend to the Board of Directors a program for Association-wide awards & honors;
  2. review and recommend to the Conference Committee changes to the recognition ceremony and the promotion of the awards and the recipients;
  3. elect according to the criteria stated for each award and report to the Board of Directors the recipients of the association awards;
  4. report to the Board of Directors the recipients of Association-wide awards or honors selected by other Association committees;
  5. coordinate those activities of any Association committee relating to SLA’s association-wide awards & honors program, and;
  6. recommend to the Board of Directors the recipients of honorary membership in SLA.

The Communications and Marketing Manager is an ex-officio member of the Committee and the Association Office contact.

Charge last revised June 2009 (Board Document EM0609-A02).

SLA Awards and Honors Program

Jill Strand
Committee Members
Catherine Lavallée-Welch 
Amy Jankowski
Hildy Dworkin
Board Liaison
Hal Kirkwood
Staff Liaison
Claire Sutton

Innovations In Technology Award
 (On hiatus as of 2010)

Three members appointed for overlapping terms of two years each, with the Chair having served as a member of the Committee the previous year.

The Committee shall:

  1. Select and report the recipient(s) of the Innovations In Technology Award to the Awards & Honors Committee, and
  2. Coordinate its activities to promote the Award, solicit Award nominations, and select Award recipients with the Awards & Honors Committee. (Association Office contact is the Communications and Marketing Manager) Definition adopted June 1998 — Board Document A98-68.