Here is what we have tentatively planned for the remainder of 2019 and if you have any questions at all, just give Tom Rink a shout (

Our remaining programming for 2019 will include:

May 15th -- OK Chapter Board Meeting, 2 PM CDT

July 14th -- Tom's summer social (at Tom Rink's apartment [Tulsa, OK] -- an annual event).

July 17th or 24th -- OK Chapter Board Meeting, 2 PM CDT

August 9th - 11th -- considering sending chapter members to the Route 66 Road Trip Symposium in Albuquerque (Chapter is considering paying).

September 18th -- OK Chapter Board Meeting, 2 PM CDT

September 20th -- joint program for the University of Oklahoma library school students in Tulsa (webinars and a lunch).  A joint program (inviting all students and faculty at the library school at the University of Oklahoma) for a half-day of webinars with a lunch.  We will view two of the "Best of the 2018 SLA Annual Conference" series webinars before lunch, treat everyone to lunch, and view an additional two webinars after lunch.  This will take place on the Tulsa Campus. 
Webinars we will view:
-- Marketing As If Your Special Library Depends On It.
-- The Seven Competencies of Highly Effective Knowledge Managers.
-- Constructing a Strategic Plan: Essential Processes and Components.
-- New Approaches to ROI (Return on Investment): How to Talk About the Value of Information.

November 20th -- OK Chapter Board Meeting, 2 PM CDT

December 8th -- Annual Christmas Social (at Tom Rink's apartment [Tulsa, OK] -- another annual event)