Committees and Appointed Leadership


Awards Committee

Bulletin Editors


Government Relations

  • Chair: Nancy Curtis (through 12/2019),
  • Member: Kathy Wolcott (through 12/2019),

Hospitality Committee

International Relations Committee

Membership Committee

  • Chair: Aaron Lercher (through 12/2019),
  • Member: William Jacobs (through 12/2019),
  • Member: Kayleigh Bohemier (through 12/2019),

Mentoring Committee

Networking Committee

Nominations and Elections Committee

Professional Development Committee

Public Relations Committee

Publisher Relations Committee

2019 Annual Session Moderators

Astronomy Roundtable
Donna Thompson (
Meg Eastwood (

Mathematics Roundtable
Khue Duong (
Lauren Gala (

Physics Roundtable
Andy Shimp (
Laurie Neuerburg (