Committees and Appointed Leadership


Awards Committee

  • Chair: Kelly Durkin Ruth (through 8/2023),
  • Member: Nancy Curtis (through 8/2023)
  • Member: Emma Moore (through 8/2023)

Bulletin Editors

  • Editor: Emma Moore (through 12/2023),
  • Assistant Editor: Nicole Gustavsen (through 12/2023)


  • Chair: Vacant for 2023

Government Relations

  • Chair: Vacant for 2023

Hospitality Committee

  • Chair: Chris Doty (through 8/2023),
  • Member: Jenny Mueller-Alexander (through 8/2023),

International Relations Committee

  • Vacant for 2023

Membership Committee

Mentoring Committee

Networking Committee

Nominations and Elections Committee

  • Chair: John Kromer (through 12/2023),
  • Member: Lauren Gala (through 12/2023),
  • Member: Sam Hansen (through 12/2023),

Professional Development Committee

Public Relations Committee

  • Vacant for 2023

Industry Partner Relations Committee

2023 MLA/SLA PAM Sessions & Moderators

Unique Teaching Ventures: Making Inroads in New Areas
Jenny Hart & Jordan Darby Green

What Are Publishers’ Favorite OA Success Stories?
Donna Thompson & Sandy Avila

Welcome to the Endemic: Librarianship in a Post-Pandemic World
Mea Warren & Khue Duong

Beyond the Impact Factor: How Do You Show Success Beyond a Single Number?
Sam Hansen & Lauren Gala