PAM Achievement Award

For those whose professional work is marked by distinction and dedication to librarianship in astronomy, mathematics and/or physics.

Award Guidelines and Eligibility

The PAM Achievement Award is reserved for those recipients whose professional work is marked by distinction and dedication to librarianship in astronomy, mathematics and/or physics. The purpose of the award is to recognize those Division members who have made outstanding contributions to the Division. The award(s) will be presented annually, with an appropriate certificate describing the reason for the award.

To be eligible, the nominee must

  • Be a member of the Special Libraries Association and of PAM
  • Have been a member of the PAM Division for at least five years
  • Be working currently in a library, information center, library school or other information related capacity.

The PAM Division Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold the award if a sufficient number of appropriate candidates are not nominated.

Nominations for the PAM Achievement Award

To make a nomination for the PAM Achievement Award, please send an email to the Chair of the Awards Committee, including the nominee's name and a brief justification of why you believe this person (or group in the case of the Division Award) is deserving of this recognition. Any documentation to support your case is appreciated. The Committee will send confirmation of receiving your nomination and may follow up if more information on the nominee is need to help the committee make a decision.

PAM Achievement Award Recipients


25th, 2023

Jenny Hart, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Physics Librarian at the University of Chicago


24th, 2022

John Kromer, Associate University Librarian for Research & Engagement at New Jersey Institute of Technology


23rd, 2021

Margaret Lam, Physical Sciences and STEM Data Librarian at George Mason University 


22nd, 2020

Zahra (Zary) Kamarei, Director of Library Services for the Taylor Health Sciences Library at the Arkansas Colleges of Health Education


21st, 2019

Jeffra Bussmann, Associate Librarian at California State University, East Bay


20th, 2018

Thurston Miller, Chemistry and Physics Librarian at the University of Notre Dame


19th, 2017

Jeff Bond, Scholarly Communication Librarian and Science Research Liaison at Texas Christian University


18th, 2016

Donna Thompson, Librarian at the Astrophysics Data System (ADS)


17th, 2015

Sharice Collins, Vice President, Marketing for IOP Publishing Inc.  


16th, 2014

Ruth Kneale, Systems Librarian for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope project and the National Solar Observatory webmaster


15th, 2013

Emily Poworoznek, University of New Hampshire


2012 No award


14th, 2011

Peggy Dominy, Drexel University


13th, 2010

Michael Fosmire, Purdue University


12th, 2009

Dana Roth, California Institution of Technology


11th, 2008

Martha Tucker, University of Washington


10th, 2007

Robert Michaelson, Northwestern University


2006 No award


9th, 2005

Kristine Fowler, University of Minnesota


8th, 2004

Molly White, University of Texas


7th, 2003

Carol Hutchins, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Library, NYU


6th, 2002

Brenda Corbin, U.S. Naval Observatory Library


5th, 2001

David Stern, Yale University, Kline Science Library


4th, 2000 [joint]

Elizabeth Bryson, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corp. Library
Karen Croneis, University of Alabama Libraries


3rd, 1999

Nancy Anderson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Mathematics Library.


2nd, 1998 [joint]

Dorothy McGarry, UCLA Science and Engineering Library
Richard Funkhouser, Purdue University Mathematical Sciences Library


1st, 1997 [joint]

Ellen Bouton, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Marlene Cummins, University of Toronto Astronomy Library
Sarah Stevens-Rayburn, Space Telescope Science Institute Library
John W. (Jack) Weigel II, University of Michigan Science Library