PAM has offered mentoring services since 1999 to actualize part of the Division's 1999-2002 Strategic Plan. Goal 3 of the Strategic Plan calls on the Division to "provide mentoring and professional development opportunities for all PAM members." In response, the division has concentrated on developing two programs, which are led by the PAM Mentoring Committee:

If you are accomplished in the Division or professionally, we would appreciate it if you would volunteer as a Mentor or Conference Buddy to share your expertise with the next generation of PAM Librarians! See below to learn more about the programs.

If you are still feeling your way around the Division, are new to the  profession, are embarking on a new challenge or changing the focus of your job, then you may want to be a Mentee or sign up to have a Buddy for the SLA Annual Conference. See below to learn more about the programs.

We also offer an "expert list" of PAM members with extensive experience in specific areas related to PAM librarianship. Feel free to contact these experts if you are new to a topic and need some guidance:

PAM Mentoring Experts

If you have feedback or questions, feel free to email the current PAM Mentoring Committee: