Ms. Jamie Lin

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How do you share information that you think is really important, in a way that is engaging and easy to understand?

I think about this question all the time, because in today’s fast-paced world of click-through counts and vertical scanning, it is really challenging to capture someone’s attention and hold it long enough to provide a learning experience.

I work in online higher education, collaborating with instructional designers and faculty subject matter experts to create engaging, interactive multimedia in courses.

Interests/expertise: online accessibility, user-design, learner experience, educational technology, graphic design, adaptive learning.

SLA Volunteer Roles
President, SLA San Diego 2019
President-Elect, SLA San Diego 2018
Webmaster, SLA San Diego, 2013-2019
Chair, SLA Public Policy Task Force, 2017
Communications Chair, SLA San Diego, 2014-2017
Webmaster, Education Division, 2014