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How do you share information that you think is really important, in a way that is engaging and easy to understand?

I think about this question all the time, because in today’s fast-paced world of click-through counts and vertical scanning, it is really challenging to capture someone’s attention and hold it long enough to provide a learning experience.

I work at an online higher education institution that serves over 45,000 students from around the world. My job is to continually improve the student experience of the library, and support each learner’s educational journey by providing asynchronous, adaptive, and interactive learning modules that discuss fundamental information literacy concepts.

Of course, that’s a mouthful of big words. It’s definitely not a very user-friendly description of what I do. So, I like to say that I create and design educational resources to help students become better learners. My work also includes a lot of marketing and graphic design, as well as overall design structure of digital documents. 

My background includes several years in the Hollywood film sound industry, as well as 10 years working in public, academic, and corporate libraries. 

SLA Volunteer Roles
President-Elect, SLA San Diego 2018
Webmaster, SLA San Diego, 2013-2018
Chair, Public Policy Task Force, 2017
Communications Chair, SLA San Diego, 2014-2017
Webmaster, Education Division, 2014