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Founded in 1919, the Philadelphia Chapter has over 250 members who serve industry, business, research, educational and technical institutions in the tri-state area (PA, DE, NJ) from the Delaware Valley to Central PA. We are employed by corporations, government agencies, public and university libraries, newspapers and other organizations requiring or providing specialized information.

The Special Libraries Association is an international professional organization of more than 9,000 members in 75 countries. Since its founding in 1909, SLA has worked to meet its goal to advance the leadership role of the special librarian/information professional by providing a variety of services to enhance its members' professional skills and advance the interest of the special libraries communities. The association is made up of 55 regional chapters (including the Philadelphia Chapter), 26 subject divisions, 23 student groups and numerous caucuses and committees. This structure provides opportunities for each member to participate in the association.

Is SLA right for you?

Information professionals, special librarians, and others who work in special libraries serving corporate, research, government, technical and academic institutions should belong. The Philadelphia Chapter of the Special Libraries Association understands the challenges of finding and managing information for local organizations and institutions.


We invite members of the Special Libraries Association residing in the tri-state area (PA, DE, NJ) from the Delaware Valley to Central PA to join us in the Philadelphia Chapter. Visit the SLA web site to add the Philadelphia Chapter to your existing SLA Membership.

If you are not already a member of SLA, visit the SLA web site to join SLA today!

Contact Us

Our e-mail address: sla.phlchapter@gmail.com

List of Members

To access the list of member of the Philadelphia Chapter, you need to be a member of SLA. Go to www.sla.org and select Membership Directory in the topmost menu. In the next screen enter your user name and password. You will access a page with the link to the "SLA Member Directory", click on it. After you access the Member Directory, use the "Is a Member of" drop menu to select Philadelphia and finally click on Search.