Award Recipients are nominated by chapter members, approved by the Awards Chair & Committee and awarded annually at the Spring Banquet.



 Note:  These awards are listed back to 1952.


President's Cup (instituted in 1995)

Presented by the past winner (if available to attend) to a member who has made significant contributions over many years showing leadership, vision and initiative.

  • 2015: Karen Krasznavolgyi
  • 2014:  Robert Guerrero
  • 2013:  Luray Minkiewicz
  • 2012:  Jack Morris
  • 2010:  Karen Sandlin Silverman
  • 2007: Ann Koopman
  • 2003: Peggy Lynch
  • 2000: Rod MacNeil
  • 1997: Marie Knup
  • 1996: Hollace A. Rutkowski


Special Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to the Library Profession (instituted in 1995; revised in 2013)

Awarded to a long-standing Chapter member for outstanding professional achievement or distinguished service in the field of special librarianship.

  • 2014:  Nancy Selzer, DuPont Co. (Retired), for her passion for special librarianship, knowledge and expertise in library and information science.
  • 2013:  Christine Chastain-Warheit, Christiana Care Health System
  • 2010:  Luray Minkiewicz, DuPont Co.
  • 2009:  Holly Rutkowski, QVC, Retired. In recognition of her success in advancing the role of librarians in a corporate environment
  • 2003:  Barbara Welsh, Placement Director, IST, Drexel University.
  • 1998: Genie Tyburski, Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll
  • 1997: Jean Adelman, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology
  • 1995: Maxine S. Boodis, Coopers and Lybrand


Chapter Leadership & Innovation Award (instituted in 2012)

Presented to a member who has exhibited exceptional leadership, creativity, initiative and/or dedication to the chapter.

  • 2014:  Valerie Ryder for her initiative in leading the chapter through several difficult board staffing transitions, creativity in enlisting and mentoring new leaders, and mastery as a program organizer.
  • 2013:  Luray Minkiewicz and Tanya Finney-Estrada for their tireless and creative work on the Chapter's Membership Committee.
  • 2012:  Karen Krasznavolgyi for her leadership service during the 2011 SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia.


Chapter Liberty Bell Award (instituted in 2012)

Presented to a chapter member who has made a substantial and measurable contribution to the chapter, showing a can-do attitude while "going the extra mile".

  • 2018:  Amanpreet Kaur for her dedication to community outreach.
  • 2017:  Marrette Pearsall for her leadership at the 2016 SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia, and for volunteering to serve as Treasurer after the completion of her three-year term as Chapter President.
  • 2017:  Luray Minkiewicz for her leadership coordinating the Philadelphia Chapter's volunteer effort during the 2015 and 2016 SLA Annual Conferences.
  • 2015:  Andrew Sather for his contributions as Web Technology Manager in migrating the remaining three Holiday websites and three Holiday wikis to the current chapter website WordPress platform using an efficient solution to save considerable time and effort for conversion.   This consolidation of chapter websites enabled the chapter to terminate the previous website hosting site contract and save the related quarterly fees.
  • 2015:  Valerie Ryder is an integral part of getting things done behind the scenes with programming and chapter tasks. Valerie provided much needed advice and instruction to the President-Elect during 2014.
  • 2014:  Barbara Felicetti for her unique approach as the 2012 and 2013 Holiday Party Book Drive Coordinator and resulting book and monetary donations to Reach Out and Read.
  • 2014:  Sabina Tannenbaum for her perseverance as Treasurer in collecting sponsorship money and consolidating the reserve funds of the former Central PA and Philadelphia Chapters, and as Chapter Archivist in implementing an digital archive through Drexel University. 
  • 2014:  Rosanna Lindquist for her innovative approach as Vendor Relations Chair including adopting the terminology of “Business Partners” and moving to an annual vs. event-based sponsorship model. 
  • 2013:  Tim Siftar for his work on establishing the Knower Fellowship and continuous support with the Drexel University SLA Student Chapter.
  • 2013:  Linda Corson for her service as SLA Philadelphia Chapter treasurer from 2009-2012.
  • 2012:  Robert Guerrero for his service as project leader for the 2012 Strategic Planning Committee.
  • 2012:  Karen Stesis for her work as project leader on the Dine-arounds Team of Annual Conference Philadelphia 2011.
  • 2012:  Cynthia Schwartz for her work as project leader on the Hospitality Website Team for SLA Annual 2011 in Philadelphia.


Chapter Appreciation Award (instituted 1995)

Awarded to a Chapter member who has made a significant contribution to the Chapter in a particular area.

  • 2019: Amanpreet Kaur for participating in the Membership Campaign.
  • 2017: Amanpreet Kaur for taking the challenge of being the first SLA Connect Administrator for the Philadelphia Chapter’s community during the launch of SLA’s new communications platform, and for serving as the chapter's first Community Outreach Committee chairperson.
  • 2017: Elizabeth Fite for hosting a regional lunch and tour at the Mt. Cuba Center for chapter members in the Delaware area, and also for her work on the chapter's Membership Committee.
  • 2017: Elizabeth De George for offering the Union League of Philadelphia’s Library as a venue for the Philadelphia Chapter Reception at the 2016 Annual Conference.
  • 2015: Kerri Ciminera and Jennae Luecke for the 2014 Book Drive at the Holiday Party.  Their enthusiastic efforts collected 32 pajamas/nightgowns and 54 books for the Pajama Program in Pennsylvania as the designated recipient of the 2014 Book Drive.
  • 2015: Leslie Leach for individually collecting 30 pajamas and 32 books for the Pajama Program in Wilmington, DE by organizing a Jeans Day at her place of work and from local law librarians, work colleagues and friends.
  • 2015: Maeryn Obley for the 2014 Silent Auction online catalog and creating catalog entries with digital photos for all submitted items in a timely manner.
  • 2015: Tanya Finney Estrada and Luray Minkiewicz for their dedication to member recruitment and retention activities by remaining as Membership Co-Chairs in 2014 for an additional year beyond their stated and intended terms.  During the three years that Tanya and Luray served as Membership Co-Chairs they implemented novel and creative recruitment and retention programs while diligently performing the regular tasks of this committee.
  • 2015: Jack Morris for stepping in to fill the one-year gap by serving as President in 2014 and for mentoring  the President-Elect in preparation for becoming President the following year.
  • 2014:  2012 and 2013 Silent Auction Team members, Nancy Lewis, Veronica Malitzki, Linda-Jean Schneider, and Julie Weagley for their outstanding contributions to highly successful auctions and raising money for the Knower Fund. 
  • 2014:  Keystone Factoids Team members, Elaine Dean, Leigh-Anne Yacovelli, Amy Noll, Jean Fisher, and Judy Bush, for bringing recognition to the Chapter with their participation and second place finish in the SLA Madness Trivia Quiz Tournament.
  • 2013:  Robin Naughton for her work migrating the Chapter's website to the SLA standard template for the WordPress platform
  • 2013:  Alexandre Pfundt for his work on the Employment Committee
  • 2013:  Roderick McNeil, Jack Morris, Brian Fulton, and Kate Pettegrew for their work on the Chapter's 2012 Strategic Planning Committee
  • 2012:  Karen Krasznavolgyi, Nicole Snyder, Claire DiPardo, Emily Roberts, Karen Stesis, Nicole Engard, Craig Haggit, Robin Naughton, and Robin Swanson for their work on the Hospitality Website Team for SLA Annual 2011 in Philadelphia
  • 2012:  Cynthia Schwartz, Karen Krasznavolgyi, Michael Panzer, Jean Fisher, Robert Guerrero, Emily Roberts, Nicole Snyder, and Susan Hunsicker for their work on the Dine-arounds Team of Annual Conference Philly 2011
  • 2012:  Brian DeMarchi, Nicole Snyder, and Cynthia Schwartz for their work on the Dining Guide Booklet Team of Annual Conference Philly 2011
  • 2011:  Peggy Frankenberger for her fabulous work on the Raffle Basket Committee in 2010 and 2011, as well as her hard work and sunny disposition in  hospitality for both chapter activities and the hospitality booth at SLA Annual 2011 in Philadelphia.
  • 2011:  Amy Stone for her stellar work leading the raffle basket committee in 2010 (a part of the marketing and hospitality activities for SLA Annual Conference 2011 in Philadelphia); as well as for her work on the Programming Committee.
  • 2010:  Brian Demarchi for his creative and artistic talents in designing the Chapter's  90th Anniversary commemorative pin.
  • 2010:  Valerie Ryder in appreciation for her work as Vendor Relations Chair and her help in bringing our sponsorships to new levels in 2009!
  • 2010:  Silent Auction Team:  Julie Weagley & Ellen Gelches in appreciation for their hard work soliciting auction items throughout the year for the 2009 auction.
  • 2009:  Rod MacNeil in recognition of his demonstrated commitment & leadership in unexpectedly undertaking the role of Chapter President in 2008.
  • 2009:  Cross-Chapter Merger Team:  Jack Morris, Peggy Ross, Karen Silverman, Beth Transue, Tim Siftar, Nancy Linwood.  For their contributions in  successfully merging the Philadelphia and Central PA Chapters in 2008.
  • 2008:  Karen Krasznavolgyi for her  work on the TechTopics Series during fall of 2007.
  • 2007:  To the Entire Board of 2004-2005 for their generous and dedicated service during the extended 2005 term:  Executive Board:  Denise Watkins, Patti Insetta-Rath, Stephen Marvin, Jack Morris, Ann Koopman, Marjorie Smink, Mary Ellen Myers, Arlene Smith; Advisory Board: Regina Maxwell, Brian DeMarchi, Ali Smeck, Eileen Smith,  Robert Guerrero, Penny Young, Virginia Webb, Eileen Curtin,  Michael Russell, Maryann Brennan.
  • 2006:  Penny Young for her many years of dedicated service as Membership Chair & for spearheading the Rush@Rush activity at Drexel.
  • 2003:  Anita Chiodo
  • 2003:  Rebecca Stanley
  • 2003:  Barbara Wilson for her dedicated work as Chapter President and Past-President in the past 2 yrs.
  • 2003:  Jack Morris for his dedicated work as the Chapter’s president in 2002-2003
  • 2002: Susan Charkes for her work on SiteSense
  • 2002: Ann Koopman for her work as Chapter Treasurer
  • 2001: Brian DeMarchi for his work in promoting the Chapter and the profession
  • 2001: Luray Minkiewicz for her work on the Chapter's Strategic Plan
  • 2001: Susan Charkes for her work on developing the Chapter website
  • 2000: Local Arrangements Committee for SLA 2000: C. Suzanne Cole, Andrea Loigman, Peggy Lynch, Jill O'Neill, Cindy A. Pitchon, Holly Rutkowski, Linda-Jean Schneider, Karen Sandlin Silverman, Amy Stone
  • 1999: Amy Stone for for her work as secretary and in membership
  • 1999: Mindy Paquette Murphy for her work on Technology Day
  • 1999: Paul Giblin for his work on Chapter Hospitality
  • 1999: Lenore Hardy for her work as chair of the Rankin Directory
  • 1999: Eileen Curtin for her work as editor of the Chapter Bulletin
  • 1998: Ann Koopman for establishing the position of events coordinator on the Chapter Board.
  • 1998: Luray Minkiewicz for her work on vendor relations
  • 1997: Martha Kirby for her work as Chair of the Employment Committee
  • 1997: Betsy Quinn for her work on the Chapter website and public relations
  • 1997: Jeanne Bohlen for her work on Technology Day
  • 1996: Linda-Jean Schneider for her work as chairperson of the Government Relations Committee
  • 1996: Barbara Mattscheck for her work as technical editor of the Bulletin
  • 1996: Carol P. Talaga for the Chapter's Membership Directory
  • 1995: Anna Mae Penrose for her work as Bulletin Editor
  • 1995: Nancy Selzer for her work on the Directory of Libraries & Information Sources in the Philadelphia Area.


Outstanding Friend of the Chapter Award (instituted in 2012)

Given at the discretion of the Board to outstanding partners of the chapteror leaders of the professionwho have shown dedication to aiding the chapter.

  • 2012:  Kenneth Fisher for his work as the DUSLA "Flash Mob" Dancer Coordinator at the 2011 SLA Annual Conference in Philadelphia.


Achievement Award: (Instituted 1952; discontinued 1995)

Awarded to members of the Philadelphia Chapter in recognition of their work in the library field:

  • 1988: John Timour, Thomas Jefferson University
  • 1982: Henry Rubin, Franklin Book Company
  • 1974: Herbert S. White, Stechert-Macmillan, Inc.
  • 1973: Dr. Erich Meitzner, Rohm and Haas Company
  • 1971: Margaret Imbrie, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co. Eastern Laboratory Library
  • 1970: Olive F. Whitehead, RCA Corporation
  • 1969: Emerson Greenaway, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • 1962: Marie S. Goff, E.I.DuPont de Nemours and Co. Technical Library
  • 1960: Dorothy Bermis, University of Pennsylvania
  • 1956: Margaret Kehl, Drexel Institute School of Library Science

Chapter High Achiever Award (instituted in 1995; discontinued in 2013)

Presented to a Chapter member who has expanded the boundaries of service, knowledge or professionalism within his or her own organization.

  • 2006: Jacquelyn A. Bryant, Chestnut Hill Hospital
  • 2002: MaryAnn Brennan, AstraZeneca
  • 2002: Mary Walker, Roy F. Weston
  • 2001: Jeanne Bohlen, Ernst & Young
  • 2001: Suzanne Cole, Pew Charitable Trusts
  • 2000: Ali Smeck, Morgan Lewis & Bockius
  • 1998: Bill Patterson, Coopers & Lybrand LLP
  • 1998: Christine Chastein-Warheit, Christiana Health System
  • 1997: Kim Miller, Antique Automobile Club of America, Hershey, PA
  • 1996: Roderick MacNeil, Technology, Management & Funding, L.P.
  • 1995: Suzanne Devlin, Dechert, Price & Rhoads

Special Appreciation Award (discontinued in 2013)

Presented to an individual or organization that has provided a consistent and sustained level of support to the goals and members of the Philadelphia Chapter/SLA

  • 2011:  Tim Siftar for his technical contributions to the 2010 Program Committee which allowed the Chapter to deliver three programs via webcast to SLA members around the globe.
  • 1999: Phil & Audrey Greene (EBSCO)


Shades of Reflected Glory! --Special Libraries Association Awards

(Awards bestowed by SLA Headquarters on Philadelphia Chapter members)

SLA President's Citation:

  • 2015: Tracy Z. Maleeff, 2014 chair of the Online Content Advisory Council (OCAC) - for taking on the role of social media manager for SLA in the summer of 2014. She has shown great leadership in the social media sphere, finding new ways for SLA to interact, engage and get its voice and message heard.
  • 2014: Ann Koopman, SLA  2013 Division Cabinet Chair - for amazing wrangling of webinar technology to bring us many events for SLA leaders, the cabinets and members. Ann mastered technology to allow us to hold virtual cabinet meetings in the summer and she engineered the candidates' webinars which offered members opportunities to hear from candidates and ask questions prior to the elections.
  • 1991: Barbara Mattscheck

SLA President:

  • 1954-1955, Gretchen D. Little

Honorary Members, SLA:

  • Louise Keller
  • Helen Mar Rankin

SLA Hall of Fame:

  • 1979: Gretchen D. Little
  • 1968: Anne L. Nicholson
  • 1965: Marie S. Goff
  • 1960: Dorothy Bemis
  • 1959: Lura Shorb

SLA Fellow:

  • 2017: Tara Murray
  • 2015: Tracy Maleeff

SLA Rose L. Vormelker Award:

  • 2016: Judith Currano

SLA Rising Star:

  • 2017: Chrystelle Browman
  • 2013: Alyson Avery

Dow Jones Innovate Award:

  • 2014 (Inaugural year): Tracy Z. Maleeff - helped invigorate SLA's social media and online presence.

 SLA Award for Unit Ingenuity and Innovation:

  • 2013: Philadelphia Chapter was recognized for our 2012 achievements - Strategic Plan, migrating chapter website to SLA template, member recruitment and retention programs, and creation of Knower Fellowship Awards for internships.

IT Division award for Outstanding Chapter Technology Programming Award:

  • 2015: Philadelphia Chapter was recognized for our Tech Day event held on September 23, 2014 which featured a session on creating an online portfolio/resume with WordPress and a session on infographics.

SLA Engineering Division Continuing Education Stipend:

  • 2019: Amanpreet Kaur.

SLA President's Citation

  • 2017: Amanpreet Kaur, for her work on the 2017 SLA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

 (CC Image courtesy of Cathy on Flickr)