Resume Review and Practice Interview Bureau

SLA Philadelphia’s Resume Review and Practice Interview Bureau consists of local librarians and information professionals who have volunteered to mentor job seekers, whether new to the profession or looking to find or change jobs.  

Mentors will provide feedback on resumes, and offer informational interviews and practice interviews to job seekers.

  • Resume reviews can provide general feedback, or specific suggestions as to the suitability of the resume for a particular job type.  The job seeker should provide an editable version of his/her resume so that the reviewer can comment within the text of the resume.  If specific suggestions are desired, then the job seeker should provide a typical job posting for the type of position being sought.
  • Informational interviews are meant to provide job seekers with insights into what it is like to work in a particular type of library or organization, an industry or a specific job function.
  • Practice interviews can be general, or can be tailored to a specific job posting.  The job seeker should provide a copy of his/her resume and the job posting so that the interviewer can focus interview questions on the type of job and organization.

The Bureau Coordinator will match requests from job seekers with specific mentors.


Resume reviews may be conducted by email, telephone or in person, as agreed to by the Mentor and job seeker.

Interviews, both informational and practice, will be conducted in person at a location decided by the Mentor, whenever possible.  If it is not feasible to conduct an in-person interview, then a telephone interview may be substituted.

Mentors and job seekers agree to maintain confidentiality of any information shared during the course of the mentoring, whether verbally or written.

The duration of the mentoring will be limited to the review or interview requested.  Any further mentoring may be conducted with the mutual consent by both the mentor and job seeker.

Priority will be given to job seekers who are SLA Philadelphia Chapter members.  Those who are former chapter members and individuals who are not SLA members may be accommodated when possible.


If you are willing to volunteer to serve as a mentor, please complete the Mentor Form.  

If you wish to request a resume review or interview, please send an email to the Bureau Coordinator with the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number and preferred time/days to call
  • Type of help requested: (resume review, informational interview, general practice interview, specific practice interview)
  • Locations to which you are willing to travel for in-person consultation:
  • Are you interested in receiving help with a particular type of institution, such as academic library, corporate library or information function, government agency or department, medical organization or hospital, museum, non-profit organization, public library, etc.?
  • What type(s) of position(s) are you interested in?
  • Are you interested in receiving help from someone with expertise in a particular type of library or organization, industry, field of knowledge, type of position, etc.?
  • When are you available to talk with or meet with a mentor?
  • Are there any organizations (such as your current employer) or individuals who you do not wish to become aware of your request?
  • Any other information which would be helpful to make the best match.

Any questions?  Contact the Bureau Coordinator.