On June 12, 1947, nineteen librarians formed a separate Pharmaceutical Section within the Science-Technology Division of SLA. This separate Section was created to meet the special needs of corporate, hospital, research, government, technical, and academic information professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals. Early projects included two publications: Unlisted Drugs and a Union List of Periodicals in Pharmaceutical Libraries.

In 1966, the Section was designated an official Division of SLA. A Biopharmaceutical Roundtable became an official subgroup in 1995. Members attending the 1996 annual business meeting voted to change the group’s name to include “Health Technology.” The new name recognizes the growing constituency drawn from medical device, diagnostics, and biotechnology industries. We are privileged to be one of two communities large enough and active enough to have a separate meeting outside of the SLA Annual Conference.

In 2020, as a result of an SLA restructuring, the position title of Chair was changed to President and Divisions were designated as Communities.

Previous PHT Chairs/Presidents

The PHT Community is honored to have a heritage of distinguished leaders since its inception in 1947:

1947-48 Alberta L. Brown
1948-49 Alberta L. Brown
1949-50 Gertrude Horndler
1950-51 Mildred P. Clark
1951-52 Lois Bacon
1952-53 Winifred Sewell
1953-54 Mary C. Devereaux
1954-55 Claire K. Schultz
1955-56 Jewel Maurice
1956-57 James Olsen
1957-58 Mary Bonnar
1958-59 Adriana McCann
1959-60 Lois Lage
1960-61 Katherine Owen
1961-62 Wilma Kujawski
1962-63 Rita Goodemote
1963-64 Evelyn Armstrong
1964-65 Elizabeth Eaton
1965-66 Charlotte S. Mitchell
1966-67 Gertrude Bloomer
1967-68 Gertrude Losie
1968-69 Jacqueline Bastille
1969-70 Gertrude M. Lorber
1970-71 Theodora Andrews
1971-72 Boris R. Anzlowar
1972-73 Reginald W. Smith
1973-74 Barbara M. Hill
1974-75 Frances M. Stratton
1975-76 Mary S. Klein
1976-77 Mary F. Bondarovich
1977-78 Barbara K. Becker
1978-79 Lois A. Samuels
1979-80 Goldie Rosenberg
1980-81 Amy M. Levine
1981-82 Ildiko A. Trombitas
1982-83 Bette Dillehay
1983-84 Gerry Seward
1984-85 Pat Marsh O’Brien
1985-86 Rena Radovich
1986-87 Kerry Kushinka
1987-88 Cynthia Supeau
1988-89 Helen Hohman
1989-90 Diane Schaffer
1990-91 Peggy Hull
1991-92 Lucy Paras
1992-93 John Opem
1993-94 Linda Gabriel
1994-95 Robert Want
1995-96 Susan Sprague Malone
1996-97 Karen Kreizman Reczek
1997-98 Bonnie Snow
1998-99 Margaret Hentz
1999-2000 Anne Morriseau
2000-01 Jennifer Klein
2001-02 Bernadette Ewen
2002-03 Sharon Srodin
2003-04 Stephanie Fitch
2004-05 Karen Mirabile
2005-06 Cheryl Schairer
2007 Robyn Smith
2008 Christine Geluk
2009 Judy Blaine
2010 Margaret Basket
2011 Kevin Farberow / Alexander Feng
2012 Alexander Feng
2013 Mary Chitty
2014 Rich Campbell
2015 Janet Cooper Weiss
2016 John Chu
2017 Tony Landolt
2018 Mindy Beattie
2019 Candace Norton
2020 Caren Torey
2021 Susie Corbett
2022 Susie Corbett