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PHT: Survey regarding potential division merger, complete by 5/24

  • 1.  PHT: Survey regarding potential division merger, complete by 5/24

    Posted 05-20-2019 08:58

    Dear PHT colleagues,

    We must take action in order to move PHT forward as an organization and we need your input in order to develop a plan.  The Executive Board is moving forward to plan a merger with another division. In fact, we want this decision to be finalized by September 1, 2019 and your input and involvement is needed.

    It will take you 1 minute to complete and will close on Friday May 24, 2019 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

    There are several factors driving this. For example,

    • We do not have a Chair Elect so we have an insufficient number of Board Members to vote.
    • PHT membership has declined of 45% in 5 years. We currently have 235 members.
    • We lack volunteers and Chair positions like Networking Chair, Publicity Chair, Membership Chair, Nominating Committee, (we only have one member on this one).
    • There is a lack of member engagement. When members post messages on SLA Connect it's rare to see a response. Also, even when Board members send direct messages to members via email, people do not respond.
    • The 2019 PHT meeting received positive feedback, but our division needs more volunteers and committee members to plan future meetings.

    We need your input. Please consider the statements above when answering the simple yes/no questions below. We've also included a comment box if you have more comments, questions or key points you want to convey. The results will be shared with PHT members.

    Best Regards,

    Mindy Beattie

    PHT Past Chair


    Mindy Beattie
    Senior Director
    Gilead Sciences I