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  • 1.  Sales and volume data for specific syringes, by country

    Posted 03-10-2022 10:17

    Good morning,


    A client is asking for sales and volume data, by country and year (past 5 years ideally) for specific syringe brands and sizes (5ml, 10ml, etc).


    Since I work for a non-profit, I'm used to thinking of that kind of data as out-of-reach, even if it were available to purchase, and would have assumed that it is private unknown data. But in this case a purchase could be possible, and the client seems certain it would be available somewhere, so I wanted to check my assumptions. Is anyone aware of a source where this type of granular sales data could be obtained?


    I'm hoping that maybe someone in this group can point me to sources, or it's helpful even to confirm that these data are not available anywhere.


    Thanks for any suggestions,




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  • 2.  RE: Sales and volume data for specific syringes, by country

    Posted 03-14-2022 09:12
    Hi Karin. Unfortunately, I don't think this sort of information would be kept anywhere. It is not something the FDA would keep records of, and I can't think of any agency or company that would keep track of this data for all syringes.
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    Rachel Johnson
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