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Reminder - Join us for the PHT Annual Business Meeting today at 3:30 pm Eastern

  • 1.  Reminder - Join us for the PHT Annual Business Meeting today at 3:30 pm Eastern

    Posted 12-15-2021 10:39
    Join us on December 15th, at 3:30 pm Eastern Time, for the PHT Annual Business Meeting.

    The business meeting will begin at 3:30 and end by 4:15.

    Stay online to join us in some fun networking afterwards.

    You don't have to register for this meeting. The link to join is below.

    Also below, find the minutes of the 2020 Annual Business Meeting which will be approved at this meeting.

    Be sure to add this to your calendar so you won't miss it!


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    SLA Pharmaceutical and Health Technology Community

    Annual Business Meeting – December 8, 2020 | 4:00pm



    • Caren Torrey (Chair)
    • Betty Edwards (Treasurer)
    • Dani Cargill (Secretary)
    • Tony Landolt (Awards Committee Chair)
    • Sue Gleckner (Membership Committee and Overall Spring Meeting Planner)
    • Keida Spurlock (Networking Committee Chair)
    • Mindy Beattie (Past Chair)
    • Janet Weiss (Vendor Relations Chair)


    Meeting was called to order at 4:03pm



    • Karen Mirable moved to approve the agenda. Motion properly second, motion carried by unanimous consent



    • Minutes were not read nor approved.


    President's Report: Caren Torrey

    Thanks to the Board and conference planning committee has launched the Pharma Talks series to continue programing from the cancelled Spring Meeting. Two volunteer positions are open for 2021: Chair Elect and Communications Chair.


    Treasurer's Report: Betty Edwards


    As of today, the balance in our Wells Fargo checking account is $51,000. Over the year, our major income was from sponsors.  We took in $114,000 from over 30 business partners who signed up for various levels of sponsorship for our conference.  In the end, because we did not hold the PHT conference, all this funding needed to be returned to the vendors and I did so via credit card refund, check, or wire transfer. We also took in $17,000 for attendee registrations.  For these too, I needed to issue refunds back onto their credit card or via checks.


    Last January, due to the Association restructuring, headquarters eliminated the Treasurer position in all 79 communities, that is, what formerly used to be known as chapters and divisions.  All bank balances from these 79 units were transferred to headquarters and are now managed there.


    PHT was able to hang onto our bank account for a year longer than the other SLA communities due to the extensive planning we were involved with for our annual conference.  Before the end of this month, I'll be wrapping things up by closing our Wells Fargo bank account and turning over our $51,000 balance to Headquarters


    It was moved by Janet Weiss to approve the Treasurer's report. Motion properly seconded, motion carried.


    Committee Reports


    Employment Relations Chair: Anna Rothman We continue to put out monthly newsletters. Feel free to share any insights or any roles that can be included. We're always looking for remote opportunities to post. Looking to help people to think outside of the box.


    Membership Chair: Sue Gleckner According to SLA we currently have 266 members. There are about 300 members on PHT Connect. As of December 1st, we have 6 new members. Since 1998, our high was 786 in 2000. Our membership types include 13 students and some unemployed individuals. Sue is open to ideas on how to recruit more members.


    Networking Chair: Keida Spurlock no report. Two themed social events occurred during the year.


    Professional Development Chair: Amy Shortlidge-Cox no report


    Spring Meeting Planning Committee: Sue Gleckner & Mark Haythorn The program committee initially met in Fall of 2019 and is formulated by practitioners and vendors; we came down to 10 topics plus two keynotes and a continuing education course for the live meeting. Topics scheduled for the in-person meeting were derived from last year's survey. The team is looking to use the content intended for the Spring meeting into a webinar series that started in November.  


    Vendor Relations Chair: Janet Weiss About 34 vendors signed up for the Spring Meeting $115K in income (which needed to be refunded). We would like to try to give the vendors opportunities to make presentations and sponsor some continuing education sessions. Nothing currently is firm or formulated. Something that would be conducive to people sharing and engaging in a virtual capacity. More to follow. Thanks to Sue Gleckner and Karen Mirable


    Venue & Logistics Chair: Karen Mirable There have been a lot of changes through the year with the unpredictability of the pandemic. Want to continue engaging and networking moving forward. The Spring meeting is extremely valuable to librarians and vendors


    Awards Committee Chair: Tony Landolt Horizon Award (new member award): Mark Haythorn winning a cash award and an emailed certificate. The Distinguished Member Award: Mindi Beattie. No "travel" award this year. Instead we are offering the first "Hall of Phame" incoming class: Sue Gleckner, Karen Mirable, Janet Weiss.


    New Business

    SLA Board Liaison, Valerie Perry is here to help as a link between the PHT membership and the board and/or SLA Staff. She's excited to see the creativity and the flexibility of the communities. Thanks for the work this division does!


    Is there any talk of the different professional associations working together more readily due to the vulnerability of the pandemic. Valerie says it's more likely that we would work together more in the future than in the pas as there have been conversations with ALA and SKIP. Collaborating with MLA should be somewhat easier because their executive director (possibly named Jim) is with MCI and Amy has a relationship with this contact.


    New PHT Chair for 2021: Susie Corbitt was introduced. Her goals are to navigate the challenges of COVID, continue to put great content out for our members. Administratively Looking at our traditional practices plus SLA's proposed practices for communities. Greatest need is for Chair elect and Communications Chair.




    • Motion to adjourn, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 5:07


    Susan Corbett
    Vice President, Life Science Intelligence
    North Carolina Biotechnology Center

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