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    Posted 02-07-2022 11:48
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    Where PHT Members Work

    As Membership Chair, from time to time I like to take a look at the PHT membership make-up. In November 2019, I analyzed the PHT "Active Members Roster" report provided by SLA chiefly to examine the types of organizations at which members worked. I also looked at the countries in which they were located.

    Two years later, I have now conducted the same exercise to compare the rosters.

    The good news is that the overall number of members has increased to 319 in January 2022, from 224 in November 2019, an increase of 95, or 42.4%. 

    Note that the increase in membership overall may partly be a result of the SLA 2020 Restructure change where SLA members pay one fee for SLA membership and join as many communities they like at no additional cost. Programming, like the Pharma Talks and Vendor Showcase series, may have contributed to the bump too.

    See the attached slide for a graph that compares members' organization types in PHT.

    Some Highlights on Organization Types

    • 98 PHT members work at pharma/biotech companies today. In 2009 there were 86 such companies represented.
    • Pharma services or consulting organizations is the next largest cohort with 49 members, a jump from 34 in 2019, accounting for a 44% rise.
    • At 43, vendors are the third largest group. In 2019, there were 34 vendors. The number of vendors does not necessarily reflect the strong support PHT receives from its vendor partners, who may be organizational members of SLA. It's important to note that this number -- people who work at vendor companies -- have chosen to join PHT as individuals. Their companies may simultaneously be vendor members of SLA overall.
    •  The number of members from academia has grown to 30 in 2022, or a 66% increase from two years ago.
    •  Students comprise 8.8% of PHT membership.


    PHT members today come from eleven different countries, with the vast majority located in the United States. In 2019, ten countries were represented. Here's a look:
    Jan. 2022:
    Country Number
    United States 278
    Canada 14
    United Kingdom 8
    India 7
    Australia 4
    Austria 2
    Germany 2
    Israel 1
    Japan 1
    Mexico 1
    Unknown 1

    Room for More

    The 300+ PHT Community is led by about 3% of its membership. Volunteering is a great way to meet your fellow members and get some leadership experience.

    PHT would like to reach as many info pros as possible in our industries and support organizations, at any level of job or title. Please, if you know of anyone who may be interested in joining, send him or her to PHT via or to me.

    A Few Words on Organization Types

    21 different organization descriptors were assigned to members' companies (see graph):  
    • "Pharma/biotech company" refers to members working at companies like Gilead, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Eli Lilly. There are also labels for companies dealing with animal health or devices too.
    • "Pharma services or consulting organization" denotes members working in multi-person organizations that provide services which support pharma/biotech companies; examples: McKinsey, PharmIntell, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and Parexel.
    • "Consultant" was assigned to individuals who appear to be working as consultants.
    •  "Vendor" refers to individuals who work for a vendor, regardless of their role (sales, training, internal info pro).
    • A couple of categories were added since my 2019 review: "Student" and "Transitional/unemployed,"

    Susan Gleckner

  • 2.  RE: Where PHT Members Work

    Posted 02-08-2022 10:33
    Hi Sue,

    This is a very interesting article you created!  I find it very interesting to see what types of companies are part of our Community.

    The more important statistic you mention is "The 300+ PHT Community is led by about 3% of its membership".  It is very important to get new volunteers within our Community.

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together

    (I am one of the vendors that has an individual membership):)

    Karen Mirabile
    Solution Specialist Database Research
    Springer Nature
    (610) 666-1618

  • 3.  RE: Where PHT Members Work

    Posted 02-10-2022 06:44
    Thank you, this is really interesting :-)
    I am one of the two Austrians and for me it is really important to be member of the SLA, in Austria there is no community for corporate Info Pros.

    Lisa Weinberger
    Advanced Corporate Librarian