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PHT meeting follow up--presentations posted!

  • 1.  PHT meeting follow up--presentations posted!

    Posted 05-07-2019 16:05

    According to one of our PHT Meeting speakers, we would only remember 10% of what we heard by Friday April 19th. I am sending this email for three reasons:

    1. To provide the link to the permissioned presentations so you can review some key points you might have been trying to remember.
    2. To ask if there were sessions you think should be provided again as a webinar. What sessions should be given as encore presentations?
    3. To ask if you took notes--did you? If so, would you be willing to send a brief paragraph that summarizes a session? We would like to include this in the Q4 CapLits publication.

    Link to the presentations--scroll down the page to view:

    I look forward to hearing from you!

     Best Regards,

    Mindy Beattie, PHT Program Chair