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  • 1.  PHarma Talk Summary: Kimberly Flanagan-Bouchard on Growing the Information Center

    Posted 02-11-2021 17:28

    The Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Community was fortunate to have Kimberly Flanagan-Bouchard present the January edition of its webinar series PHarma Talks on January 26, 2021. Kimberly's topic was "Growing the Information Center: A Case Study".  Ninety of our SLA colleagues, library vendor representatives and others attended the session. Overall, attendees rated the session as very valuable, and there was a lively Q&A at the end. 


    In 2014, Kimberly joined Daiichi-Sankyo as a contractor, eventually becoming an Associate Director and full-time employee. In 2017, organizational changes offered an opportunity for Kimberly to rethink how the library served the organization, and how to better position it to support the company's 2025 Vision. The library's operating model was not conducive to long-term success, particularly as the company shifted its goal to become a leader in oncology. Kimberly's presentation outlined how she presented a business case to senior leadership and gained their support to overhaul the library.


    Library Envisioning Project

    The "Library Envisioning Project" was an extensive, global information audit of the organization. Kimberly's aim was to evaluate the current state of the library's infrastructure, the company's information needs, and the gap between 'what's now' and 'what needs to be.' The goal was to determine how to best position the library as a strategic internal partner, better meet future business needs, eliminate duplication of effort, and drive down costs. The library was in a unique position to see across the global organization, and leverage its position to break down information silos, drive better business decisions by pulling together intelligence communities of practice, and increase employee collaboration to accomplish these goals. She engaged the consulting firm Information EDGE to help conduct the information audit and develop a 3–5-year strategic plan that overhauls the library, creating a globalized, world-class service. 

    Together, Kimberly and Information EDGE did extensive evaluations of the library's services, content licensing, funding, staffing, and visibility. They also discovered the information needs of stakeholders, what was working well, and where there were opportunities for improvement. Through global surveys, focus groups, and interviews with employees and senior leadership, they discovered that the organization was increasingly in need of information and intelligence, but there were large barriers (i.e., unstable global technology) and missed opportunities (i.e., millions in uncoordinated spend).  Daiichi Sankyo's mission to become a global oncology leader required significant enhancements around information and intelligence.

     The library's new strategic plan addressed these findings and laid out a specific request to management:

    1. An upskilled, permanent team - six new FTE
    2. A significant increase in the library's operating budget
    3. Capital funding to implement a robust, stable, global library environment
    4. Support to develop a comprehensive competitive intelligence program
    5. Continued support for engagement with Information EDGE
    6. Championship from senior leadership for globalization of the library and competitive intelligence

    Leadership completely supported the plan. As one senior executive told Kimberly: "You're setting a precedent for Daiichi Sankyo around a true globalization of a service, that will be a benchmark on how to roll something out worldwide." Or, put more simply by another stakeholder – "This is a no-brainer."

    Lessons Learned

    Looking at how far she has come, Kimberly spoke about the lessons learned:

    1. Create a strong business case
      • Talk to everyone – from your key stakeholders to those who don't know you exist, up and down the ladder, across regions.
      • Gather data to make your case – and have a lot of it; know the full picture.
      • Visualized data makes the greatest impact! Images will stick and tell your story.
      • Understand the financial picture – find the truth in spending, look for opportunities.
      • Outline all the problems and be ready with solutions; be able to explain the impact of both.
    2. Secure a committed champion for your initiative.
      • It is important to engage champions early in the process and keep them engaged throughout the process.
      • If going global, have local champions – and translators. Build their trust and cut across cultural differences.
    3. "Brave the wilderness"
      • Be willing to be radically candid and receive feedback – the good and the bad.
      • Be specific in your ask of management.
      • "Be brief, be bold, be gone."


    The next PHarma Talk will be "Transforming Data into Knowledge using Power BI" (Microsoft Business Intelligence tool), presented by Chrissy Geluk on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 2:00 pm ET. 



    Susan Corbett
    Vice President, Life Science Intelligence
    North Carolina Biotechnology Center

  • 2.  RE: PHarma Talk Summary: Kimberly Flanagan-Bouchard on Growing the Information Center

    Posted 02-16-2021 16:02
    This was a very informative article. Thank you for sharing.

    Sereen Suleiman
    graduate student
    San Jose State University