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    Posted 01-21-2021 18:54

    Hi all,
    Happy New Year!

    Gilead Library & Information Services (L&IS) has a summer intern position posted!  L&IS has three potential projects and the selected applicant will drive the decision on which project will be selected.  Please share this with your networks. 

    --Harmonize and Visualize Data: Capture and harmonize all of the usage and users of 40+ databases and thousands of electronic journals for ROI analysis. Create an interactive dashboard that can be automatically updated.  

    --Transform the eLibrary Portal: There are currently 4600 eLibrary users, an increase of 18% a year; L&IS wants to improve the design and UX of the portal. The candidate for this position would have expertise in user experience design. The expected outcome would be the launch of a redesigned eLibrary portal.  

    --Marketing Plan: Develop strategy and tactics for marketing L&IS services and resources to all colleagues worldwide. The final deliverable would be a plan for L&IS to use for the next 12 months.


    Magan Stephens
    [Sr. Manager, Library & Information Services]
    Gilead Sciences