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Usage Report Feedback Requested - two minute survey

  • 1.  Usage Report Feedback Requested - two minute survey

    Posted 24 days ago
    Do you currently request "usage reports" for the resources you manage? Why? When? And what information is most important to you?

    I'm hoping to hear from knowledge managers like you who oversee groups of subscribers and/or enterprise resources, as we explore ways to better support our group administrators. 

    This survey should just take 2 minutes (or if surveys aren't for you, I'm always happy to email or have a call to learn more about your processes!) 


    Many thanks in advance!

    Amanda, from Boston

    Amanda Garces
    STAT -

  • 2.  RE: Usage Report Feedback Requested - two minute survey

    Posted 24 days ago

    I either order or run my admin reports on a monthly or quarterly basis. I use this information for reaccreditation and yearly accreditation reports. 

    Specifically, I look to see what students are using and what resources have the most turn-aways.  Recently I discovered that we had over 700 turn-aways from one purchased resource in a 6 week period.  We had over 200 turn-aways on a second resource from the same vendor. This helps me go the the VP of Academic Affairs and request money during a downturn where the budget has decreased 5%.  No guarantee, but it does help substantiate our student's need for research materials. 

    In this case, the contract is up for renewal.  So, I am working very closely with the representative to see what she can do (more seats per resource) while holding the cost at the same level.

    Sherri Voebel, MLIS
    Northwestern State University of Louisiana
    College of Nursing & Allied Health
    1800 Line Ave. Shreveport, LA 71101