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Looking for the ideal library software

  • 1.  Looking for the ideal library software

    Posted 01-22-2021 03:15
    Hi All,

    I am hoping you can give me some input or suggestions. I am a corporate librarian at a medical device company from Europe (Austria) and I am looking for a new library software for our corporate library and would love to hear what you are using or if you can give me any suggestions.

    We need:
    - to store lots of PDFs
    - manage or library book collection (circulating system, cataloging)
    - serial circulation
    - to tag and give keywords to different files
    - integrated with our online subscriptions

    Right now we are using Librario (very small company from Germany) where we can manage all our PDFs and the book collection perfectly, but I finally want to have everything integrated with our journals subscriptions and ScienceDirect. Our users have to do a extra Pubmed search to get access to our subscriptions.
    A open source solution like Koha is not ideal, because I do not get so much help from the IT department (I am a solo librarian).

    I already was in contact with Rightsdirect and got a offer for RightFind Enterprise (we also using it as our document delivery), but there we can not manage our book collection. I am maybe in a unique position, because when I started my job 6 years ago there were almost no books and now we have 2000 and people love our print books! So I want to finally combine our PDF collection, book collection and our subscriptions.

    Maybe Lucidea is a good choice for us?


    Lisa Weinberger
    Advanced Corporate Librarian