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  • 1.  best source for FDA regulatory news (devices & drugs)

    Posted 02-21-2023 13:27


    What would you wise folks recommend as the best source(s) to get very current info on FDA regulatory affairs, particularly regarding medical devices and drugs? FDA itself? Or, is there another source (inlcuding licensed/subscription sources) that you would recommend? 

    Many thanks,


    Michael Sholinbeck
    Fellow of SLA
    DICE Community Co-Leader
    Public Health Librarian/Optometry Liaison
    University of California Berkeley

  • 2.  RE: best source for FDA regulatory news (devices & drugs)

    Posted 02-22-2023 12:44

    Hi Michael,

    Full disclosure that I work for STAT, but I just wanted to share a few ways that we uniquely cover this space.

    If any of that seems relevant to your or your community's needs, I'm more than happy to give you quick demo/free trial etc. or feel free to just ping me with any additional specific questions. 

    My best,


    Amanda Garces