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Copyright Use-Case for Increased Awareness - Inquiry

  • 1.  Copyright Use-Case for Increased Awareness - Inquiry

    Posted 06-15-2023 09:44

    Hello all,


    Just fact-finding on image re-use when it comes to open-access publications that we co-authored. Do you utilize adapted versions of figures & charts for the manuscript that are different from the ones utilized for SRLs, dossiers etc? Do you have set processes/guidance in depending on the publisher when requesting permission of using the image used for commercial-use. I know some journals do not extend "open-access" permissions to commercial use of a reprint. Usually, the publisher provides their own version of the file with an added copyright statement back to the pharma/biotech client.


    Just working on having more explicit language/guidance internally for use cases that I'm not involved in. Outside of just having the tools available (i.e. RightFind, publisher contact info etc.) and general introduction to copyright.



    Jean Olivo
    Knowledge Manager
    Sarepta Therapeutics