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PHT is moving forward, with the help of great volunteers!

  • 1.  PHT is moving forward, with the help of great volunteers!

    Posted 11-09-2022 16:10


    It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since we met in Philadelphia for our 35th Meeting!  The board was energized by the high level of member engagement and enthusiasm for the Community and we do not want to lose that!  We are planning several new initiatives and are looking for volunteers. You told us you need more details about the opportunities available and we listened, so see detailed descriptions below.




    • At our October meeting, the board decided to begin planning the 2023 PHT Meeting.  We are looking at dates in the fall again, so be sure to include that in your budget planning.
    • We are also planning sessions for the MLA/SLA joint meeting in Detroit.
    • Members have told us they enjoyed the PHT Meeting but miss the virtual Pharma Talk sessions we held during the lockdown of the pandemic.  We are planning to hold two to three of these in the coming year.
    • There was a lot of interest at the meeting for a group to work on student outreach.  We want to make all information and library students aware of the opportunities in pharma and health technology organizations. Sharon Kabel was appointed as the Student Outreach Chair and will be working with members Annie Rusk, Bridget Ryan and Donna Sees to move this forward.
    • Our Communications Chair, Bridget Ryan, wants to bring back CapLits. While this would not be a print document that we would mail out, it would be curated information useful to all of us and keep the PHT conversation going.

    All of the initiatives listed above can provide great value to our members, but we need your help.  Specifically, we are looking for the following:





    Estimated time required

    To learn what it’s like, contact a PHter who’s done this recently

    Graphic Designer for CapLits

    No matter what form this takes, some graphic design will improve the look and engage users in the content. This person will work closely with Bridget Ryan, Communications Chair.

    2 – 3 hours per quarter

    This is new to PHT, but Diane Webb designed the past print versions.

    CapLits contributors

    Gathering content could be a big job for one person, so we’d like to have people contribute.  This is a great way to talk to the members and share your knowledge. And it’s a great way to capture PHT’s history. Link to past issues.

    Minimal time required – only the time needed to write the content you want to share.


    MLA/SLA joint meeting program planner for session on Teaching Technologies

    The Pharmacy & Drug Information Caucus of MLA included us in the planning for the session it submitted on Teaching Technologies.  The opportunity is for someone to work with the team, possibly speak or help get a speaker, but mainly to represent PHT.

    January, 2023 to the conference, expect 2-3 hours per month


    PHT Annual Meeting Programming Committee

    The Program Committee for the Annual Meeting is responsible for setting programs for the conference including developing ideas and concepts that are of interest to PHT members , finding keynote speakers, panel sessions, breakout sessions, etc.  Committee members collect speaker presentations, help speakers as needed, and work together to deliver a great program.

    Members may spend up to two hours/month from January to August; activity will pick up as the conference nears and work is complete once conference has ended.

    Mark Haythorn

    Anitha Stevenson

    Programming Chair, PHT Annual Meeting

    The Chair recruits Programming Committee members leads and enables the Committee,  and works with the Chair of the Meeting and the Board to deliver a strong program.  

    (This is a role distinct from PHT Meeting Planner, who is responsible for the overall meeting.)

    Chair may spend 4-6 hours per month, with activity increasing closer to the conference date.

    Saundra Ketner

    Continuing Education Coordinator

    The CE Coordinator identifies CE topics and plans 1 -2 CE courses for the annual meeting. They serve on the programming committee, working with it to be sure CE topics and programming topics do not overlap.

    Time required will vary. Approximately 2 hours per month until the conference.


    Pharma Talks webinar planners and facilitators

    Do you have an idea for a PHarmaTalk?  Do you want to make it happen?  Volunteer to work alone or with another person to plan the content.  We’ll help with the technical aspects of announcing it, setting it up on SLA’s Zoom, etc. 


    An idea has already been suggested, so you don’t even have to have the idea – a lot of folks are interested in Quosa alternatives, learning what are folks doing and how it’s going.

    Limited time engagement, would only need to be active while getting the speaker(s) and working with other board members to promote and schedule the event.

    Mark Haythorn

    Susan Gleckner


    Please consider volunteering.  It’s a great way to build your network, get involved with the community’s leadership and make your voice heard. 


    If you want to get involved with the PHT community but none of these opportunities grab you, let me know and I’ll be sure to forward other opportunities your way until you see something you want to do.


    To volunteer, please email me at


    Looking forward to hearing from you!




    Susie Corbett
    Vice President, Life Science Intelligence
    North Carolina Biotechnology Center