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PHT News: Table at SLA/MLA? Plus, what's happening with PHT?

  • 1.  PHT News: Table at SLA/MLA? Plus, what's happening with PHT?

    Posted 03-26-2023 17:46

    With SLA's current financial and organizational challenges, there are increasing barriers to the PHT Community continuing some of its traditional activities.

    Earlier this year, the PHT board submitted a proposal to SLA for a PHT Annual Meeting in early October in Orlando, FL.  We met earlier this month with SLA leadership, who regretfully informed us that there was no possibility of SLA backing a PHT meeting with any significant costs or a hotel/venue contract in either 2023 or 2024.  PHT's long history of profitable meetings is irrelevant; SLA is just not able to assume the contractual liability for the foreseeable future.  So, sadly, there will be no 2023 PHT Annual Meeting.

    We are currently planning a 1-day "Fall Seminar" in Cambridge, MA on Friday, 3 November, in collaboration with another organizationAnd we're hoping to organize virtual programming and the traditional 3-day Annual Meeting for 2024, again in cooperation with another organization.  Stay tuned for more news on these events!

    Is anyone going to SLA/MLA in Detroit and interested in staffing a PHT table for 2 hours during exhibit hours on Thursday or Friday?  If so, please contact me ( ASAP and I will sign PHT up for a table in the SLA Community Main Street.  SLA did not provide options for Community breakfasts or other events, and there was nobody interested in organizing PHT programming at SLA/MLA.  

    Please contact me if you have any questions.  I hope to be in touch with more news in the next few weeks.

    Take care,
    Diane Webb, 2023 PHT President

    Diane Webb
    BizInt Solutions, Inc.
    (714) 289-1000