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San Jose State University


Hello everyone! My name is Sereen Suleiman, my pronouns are she/her, and I live in Orange County, CA with my family. My journey to the School of Information has been a rollercoaster ride, but nevertheless, I am thankful for the experiences I’ve had along the way. As this is a brand new blog post, I will keep editing and adding as time goes by. But to summarize, I am going through an exciting career transition and can’t wait to explore the library world.

I started off volunteering at my local library bookstore as a sales associate. Although it was just volunteering, I gained an abundance of knowledge through that experience. Not only was I exposed to book donation prices, but I got to witness how involved the library interacts with the local community. In fact, being a library volunteer inspired me to apply as a project specialist at my community college’s office for students with learning disabilities. Through that position, I worked with the counselors to volunteer at two speeches towards faculty in terms of how to improve classroom conditions for students diagnosed under the ASD spectrum (along with office work, of course). Working with my fellow counselors then introduced me to DiversityComm–a magazine company that aims to promote diversity and disability awareness among the Orange County community–in which I worked as an intern writer for two years.

Then COVID happened, and my life unexpectedly took a pause. Instead of moping, I decided to take a break and decide what I really wanted to do. I reflected on all my interests: writing, helping the community, education, etc. Then I remembered my library experience and I ultimately decided that the library path is where I belong. This led me to search for MLIS programs and I came across the School of Information at SJSU. Now, here I am today, facing our current, confusing time with optimism. Currently, I’m leaning towards being an academic librarian, but this program has so many career options available, so I’ll also choose to be open-minded.

Aside from reading, I love art, especially painting. Although, I recently started doing charcoal drawings. Furthermore, I am interested in gardening and baking.