Ms. Karin Shank

North Carolina Biotechnology Center

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North Carolina Biotechnology Center


I'm a Research Analyst with an accredited M.L.S. (library science) degree and professional experience in business, economic development, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health and agricultural information research. I have a strong scientific background, with a dual M.S. in Crop Science and Botany and experience working as a molecular biologist and analytical biochemist (proteins and lipids) in a corporate laboratory setting.

Between a wide scope of research projects, constantly changing technologies, and the variety of tasks in a small library, I learn new things every day. It's like being in school and getting paid for it - good thing too or I might still be racking up student loans - I love learning! Apparently I was born to do this work, my mother recalls a summer I spent reading the encyclopedia and writing reports on it. Yes, I was then and still am a knowledge geek!