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June PHT Meeting and the SLA Annual Meeting sessions!


Keynote Speaker Saturday June 9, 2018

Medicines, Markets and the Flash Mob:  Issues and Implications for Tomorrow’s Biopharma Enterprise


Bill Looney
Executive Editor In Vivo, Pharma Intelligence
Informa Keynote Speaker

This keynote presentation will provide a global perspective on trends shaping medicines, markets, regulation, technology and reputation  as the industry copes with the disruptions from unprecedented  advances in understanding  the genetic and biologic roots of disease.

William Looney is Executive Editor of In Vivo, the flagship monthly and daily online global publication for the Informa PLC Pharma Intelligence Group, where he is responsible for editorial content for the biopharmaceutical sector. In addition to editorial content, he is responsible for supporting the Informa brands through related educational media activities and serving as a thought leader in contacts between In Vivo and a wide variety of organizations.

Prior to this position, Mr. Looney was Editor-in-Chief of Pharmaceutical Executive magazine.

He is a contributor to other major publications, ranging from Nature to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, and is a recipient of the American Business Media Association Jesse H. Neal award for excellence in business commentary.

Prior to his work in publishing, Mr. Looney served for 11 years as Senior Director at Pfizer, Inc. where he managed the company’s public policy issue development, positioning and CEO leadership activities outside the US.  He began his career as a business analyst for the Economist Intelligence Unit of the UK Economist Group.  His outside commitments include membership on the External Advisory Board for the Brown University Executive Management Program in Health Care Leadership, as well as the Management Board of the Prix Galien USA Foundation.

Keynote Speaker Sunday June 10, 2018

Librarians and Info Professionals Supporting Data-Powered Health: The NLM Strategic Plan and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Amanda Wilson

Head, National Network Coordinating Office at National Library of Medicine (NLM)

This session will overview “A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health,” the National Library of Medicine’s Strategic Plan 2017–2027. It will also highlight opportunities for librarians and information professionals to build upon and participate in advancing the Plan’s goals of providing tools for data-driven research, reaching more people in more ways through enhanced dissemination and engagement pathways, and building a workforce for data-driven research and health within their own organizations.

Amanda J. Wilson was appointed Head, National Network Coordinating Office (NNCO), in January 2017. NNCO coordinates the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), the field force for the National Library of Medicine. One of the major accomplishments of Wilson’s tenure at NNCO is the establishment of a new partnership between NLM and the NIH All of Us Research Program. The purpose of the partnership is improving consumer access to high quality health information in communities throughout the U.S., specifically, by working with public libraries.

From Dec 2006-Jan 2017, Wilson served as Director, National Transportation Library (NTL), an all-digital library. At NTL, she focused on building collections, data curation, increasing awareness of NTL collections and services, and coordinating the national network of transportation libraries. Prior to NTL, Wilson served as Assistant Professor and Metadata Librarian at The Ohio State University Libraries. Since 2016, she has served as Chair of CENDI, the federal scientific and technical information (STI) managers group. Wilson is also an adjunct professor at The Catholic University of America Department of Library and Information Science.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Keynote: Medicines, Markets and the Flash Mob: Issues and Implications for Tomorrow’s Biopharma Enterprise

Bill Looney, Executive Editor, In Vivo, Pharma Intelligence, Informa

This keynote presentation will provide a global perspective on trends shaping medicines, markets, regulation, technology and reputation as the industry copes with the disruptions from unprecedented advances in understanding the genetic and biologic roots of disease.

Rise and Shine: Tips and Tricks for New and Aspiring Managers

Caren Torrey, Library Operations Manager, Biogen; Eric Stubbs, Manager, Information Resource Center, Otsuka Pharmaceutical;
Moderator, Blanca Chou, Director, Information ResourceCenter, Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Are you a new manager or interested in climbing up to a managerial position? There’s a huge difference between the work
of an individual contributor and managing employees or information centers. Managing requires a different skill set. For
many new managers, that doesn’t come as easily as doing the work and they often feel overwhelmed. The good news:
Managing is a skill that can be learned. New managers Caren Torrey from Biogen and Eric Stubbs from Otsuka will talk about
their backgrounds, share stories, and offer tips for success, lessons learned, development opportunities, and more. Their experiences
will provide valuable real-world insight about what it’s like starting out in this role and guidance to help you achieve your potential or
leap confidently.


Diving Deeper into Discovery

Presenters: Elizabeth Trudell, principal analyst; Robin Neidorf, Director of Research for Jinfo

Research conducted in 2017 by Jinfo Limited identified three main goals that information managers address with discovery systems:

  1. Create a single point of entry to multiple content collections
  2. Improve back-end integration of multiple databases
  3. Generate fresh insights through use of data analytics.


Update on RA21 Authentication Pilot Project

Helmi Fournier, Manager, Ontologies and Content Operations, AbbVie; Ralph Youngen, Director, Publishing Systems Integration, American

Chemical Society, Co-Chair of RA21

The primary objective of the RA21 initiative is to improve the user experience when accessing scholarly content by offering seamless authentication means that are not dependent on workflow or location. This session will explore the benefits offered by federated authentication that enhance security, permit customizations, and enable the collection of accurate usage analytics from both the library and publisher perspectives. The issues of accessibility, privacy, and security are addressed through multi-stakeholder pilot projects which will be showcased during the session. Feedback from user surveys and early recommendations emerging from the three pilot results will be shared. Results are being collected now and focus on guidance around the user experience as well as best practices for the security and privacy of user data. The final results of this project will be a set of best practice guidelines based on the real-world experienced developed through the pilots


Sunday, June 10, 2018


The NLM Strategic Plan and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Amanda Wilson, Head, National Network Coordinating Office at National Library of Medicine (NLM)

This session will overview “A Platform for Biomedical Discovery and Data-Powered Health,” the National Library of Medicine’s Strategic Plan 2017–2027. It will also highlight opportunities for librarians and information professionals to build upon and participate in advancing the Plan’s goals of providing tools for data-driven research, reaching more people in more ways through enhanced dissemination and engagement pathways, and building a workforce for data-driven research and health within their own organizations


A Seat at the Table – The Journey from Service Provider to Integrated Partnership: Successes and Challenges

Dr. Anni Barbara Endler-Jobst, PhD Head of Data Science, Vice Director from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd; Arpita Shah, Associate Director, Global Information Management, Celgene

The whole Information and Knowledge Management area is rapidly changing – what does this mean in the context of an

industry setting? There is no right or wrong model to address this, however to stand still and keep the current status would be the wrong decision. In this talk Barbara and Arpita will share experiences about their journeys in industry from a service provider to an integrated partnership in the area of Information Management.


Citizen Science and Informatics at the FDA

Elaine Johanson Director, Office of Health Informatics (Acting) Office of the Chief Scientist Office of Health Informatics U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Elaine will present on the FDA’s Office of Health Informatics and some of its citizen science, data standards, and data analysis activities.


KOL Identification - A Case Study Using Programmatic Access

Jeff Clovis, Global Head of Training, Clarivate Analytics

Companies like yours need to continuously identify and collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in your areas of focus. Published articles are a primary source used to identify KOLs. Citation analysis adds another dimension to publication analysis, whereby research impact can be gauged in addition to publication volume. Tools like the Web of Science and other search and discovery databases are used for KOL identification for all biomedical topics all over the globe. Pharmaceutical companies around the world need to stay current on the who’s who of cutting edge research, using metrics like an author’s total citations, average citations, h index, category normalized citation impact, percent of industry collaborations, and percent of highly cited and hot papers. There is an increasing need and interest in using programmatic data and APIs to perform such KOL identification. APIs enable companies to integrate author data directly into internal systems used for KOL identification and relationship management. Join us to learn how companies like yours are using this database programmatically to enhance their KOL workflows.

Bringing Insight to Data: Info Pros’ Role in Text- and Data-Mining

Mary Ellen Bates

Information professionals, knowledge workers and librarians have a long familiarity with large sets of information. What has changed is the development of sophisticated tools for text- and data-mining (TDM) of disparate data sets. Info pros can bring a unique perspective to TDM projects; we understand how information is used within our organizations, how and when our clients seek information, and how to make that information more discoverable and hence more valuable. We bring a creative mindset to every TDM project and a broad perspective of available data sources, tools and approaches. In this session, Mary Ellen Bates will offer insights into how info pros can raise their role in TDM projects within their organizations by better appreciation for what aspects of TDM most benefit from an info pro point of view and how info pros can best leverage their professional expertise in this new field.


Vendor Management: Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Successful Partnerships and Outcomes

Susan Gleckner, former Associate Director, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.; Moderator: Blanca Chou, Director, Information Resource Center, Otsuka Pharmaceutical

Information Centers rely heavily on the products and services of our information content vendors. Not only do these often require a hefty financial investment, but also necessitate effort on the part of both parties to make the engagement successful for all. In this concluding session of the 2018 PHT meeting, walk away with strategic principles and examples of vendor management around negotiations, influencing, awareness, and training with a goal to increase productivity and achieve desired outcomes. And learn how one company turned over the pricing negotiations of all subscriptions to a third party.


Reception: A Night at the Aquarium (Baltimore Aquarium)




Constructing a Strategic Plan: Essential Processes and Components

Amy Shortlidge-Cox, Principal Knowledge Scientist, Research Coordination/KM, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals; Kimberly Silk, Principal, Brightsail research; Rebecca Jones, Managing Partner, Dysart & Jones

Have you written a strategic plan and received endorsement or support from your senior leadership to move forward? If not, were you mystified about what process to follow and what elements to include? In this session, learn what information is critical for you to include, how to overcome challenges and incorporate benchmark data, a SWOT analysis, and results of surveys or focus groups with clients. Also, once the strategy is approved and it’s been successful, hear how managers are reporting the results to leadership.


The Evolving Global Information Manager: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Blanca Chou, Director, Information Resource Center, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals; Jill Shuman, Head, Library and Knowledge Management Center, Shire; Michelle Drabik, Sr. Manager, Intellectual Capital Management, Honeywell UOP; Moderator: Lauren Tulloch, Vice President of Product, Copyright Clearance Center

The role of today’s information manager is undoubtedly changing. While juggling responsibility for their organization’s content assets, analyzing usage and keeping spending within budget, information managers now face more pressure to support business decision-making across their global enterprise. What tools, technologies and strategies are needed to stay ahead of the curve? Join our panelists for unique perspectives on the evolving role of the information manager.


Best Practices to Secure Leadership Approval for Proposals

Mark Burfoot, Head, Novartis Knowledge Center; Alex Feng, Senior Director, Medical Information & Analytics at Novo Nordisk; John Aubrey, Associate Director, Information Sciences, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Moderator: Mindy Beattie, Director, Library & Information Services, Gilead Sciences, Inc.

Information Management functional leaders discuss how they secured approval for proposal(s) from executive management (eg., VP). Proposal examples include securing headcount or budget, changing technologies, etc. They will share best practices from actual experiences--what works, what doesn't and other thoughts (e.g., how and when to align, process, presentation style, content, budget, premeeting

work). **Note that this is an interactive session; please submit advance questions/topics online at http://bit.ly/sla2018bp


Going Global: 7 Information Management Considerations to Keep in Mind

Rosalind Young, Information Specialist, Otsuka Pharmaceutical; Blanca Chou, Director, Information Resource Center, Otsuka Pharmaceutical; Lisa Benz, Senior Client Engagement Manager, Copyright Clearance Center

Extending information services across the globe is a top priority for many organizations. But given limited resources, how can corporate information managers overcome both the human and technological barriers of a geographicallydiverse workforce? In this session, learn how a small global information team successfully implemented a customized information system for over 33 key affiliates in 17 countries – without a mandate from the top.


How to Effectively Manage a Remote: Workforce: Dos and Don’ts

Jill Shuman, Shire

Managing remote teams is a new reality for most leaders in the modern world. Many corporate information teams are outsourced or must integrate new remote teams after M&A. A remote workforce creates opportunities for hiring talented staff worldwide but also results in challenges. This session will offer guidance to overcome challenges, improve team collaboration, and increase productivity.


3D Printing: Bringing Manufacturing: Devices/Diagnostics into the future today

Joel Anderson, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineer/Lead Reviewer, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; Ed Margerrison PhD. Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration; James Coburn, Senior Research Engineering Officer, US FDA; Kevin Wurth, Director of Operations, 3D Medical Applications Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

When we think of the future and technology, we think of flying cars and teleportation. 3D printing for medical devices and diagnostics is just as cool as flying cars, and it’s in the works right now. Please come learn more about this cutting edge technology in this field