Ms. Jaye Lapachet

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I am a detail-oriented knowledge manager and professional librarian experienced working in a variety of organizational settings requiring strong creative problem solving, technical and interpersonal skills. I am confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels. Able to assess and use technology solutions to solve information related issues, liaise across departments to build consensus and provide support for projects and training; able to multi-task effectively.
I have designed and set up systems in numerous libraries and am an expert at identifying ways to streamline workflow. These projects have included a variety of database projects, systems analysis, technology implementation, training programs and department reorganizations. I have written for a variety of publications and speak at conferences. My strength is asymmetrical thinking and idea generation. I feel that the identification of information assets, followed by the organization and reuse of those information assets is critical to the ongoing success of an organization as whole.

Specialties: Systems analysis, workflow analysis, idea generation, out of the box thinking to generate solutions, information asset identification, writing, metadata application, project planning & implementation and idea generation.

In my spare time I make quilts for preemie babies and victims of domestic violence.