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SLA Pittsburgh is looking for volunteer leaders like you!

As per the new restructuring initiative led by SLA, the Pittsburgh Chapter is seeking volunteers for the following 2021 Executive Board positions: Vice President and Secretary

Executive Board members are required to meet at least twice a year. Additional meetings may be called by the President or for specific SLA-related discussions.

Chapter requirements of the Board include:

  • Approves the Chapter budget prepared by the President alongside SLA HQ. Authorizes funds for committee expenses.
  • Approves preliminary program plans, special projects, and amendments proposed to the Chapter Governing Documents.
  • Recruits new members and promotes the chapter through professional development efforts.
  • Hears reports of the Committee Chairs and takes appropriate action on committee recommendations.
  • Reaffirms or revises the component parts of the Chapter's Strategic Plan as set forth in the Plan.
More specific duties are outlined in the Chapter Procedures Manual here.

Please consider volunteering your time for this rewarding experience of serving your peers and specialized libraries.

See below for brief descriptions of each Board position:

Vice President (1 year)

The Vice President is responsible for planning programs based on input from Chapter members. In addition he/she will work with the President to ensure a smooth transition at the beginning of the year.

The Vice President's duties include:

  • Serving on the Chapter Executive Board to plan, coordinate, and oversee the general program meetings of the Chapter in concert with the various Committee Chairs
  • Assisting the President as required in the performance of his/her duties
  • With the President, representing the Chapter at Chapter Cabinet meetings at SLA's annual and leadership Association meetings
More information on the role of the Vice President can be found in the SLA Procedures Manual.

Secretary (1 year)

The Secretary is primarily responsible for recording minutes of meetings and secondarily, preparing all official communications for the Chapter.

The Secretary's duties include:

  • Serving on the Chapter Executive Board alongside the Vice President and Chapter President
  • Recording attendance and minutes at all Business and Board meetings, sending a draft to the President for approval, then distributing approved copies to all Board/Committee Chair members
  • Writing letters, memos, and thank you notes as requested by the President
More information on the role of the Secretary can be found in the SLA Procedures Manual.