Chapter Events

2010 - Present


7.17.2021: Summer Chapter Meet-Up (12:30pm) – meeting at the newly opened Gallery Bakery Square. Grab lunch, a drink, coffee- whatever you'd like. This is a family-friendly event and all are welcome. 


11.23.2020: WEBINAR: Working from Home: Tips and Tricks for Being Productive and Staying Connected, sponsored by SLA Philadelphia and SLA Pittsburgh chapters (12:00pm) – Zoom Meeting (details here)

3.26.2020: SLA Pittsburgh Virtual Coffee Chat (3:00pm) – Zoom Meeting (details here)


12.08.2019: Annual Holiday Business Meetings & Awards at Frisch's Restaurant (11am Brunch)

8.15.2019: Happy Hour with SAE, Cinderlands Warehouse in The Strip District (5:30 - 7pm)

6.16.2019: Chapter Meetup @ SLA Annual – Cleveland, OH, Taza, Lebanese Grill at 1400 West 6th St. (5:30 - 8pm)

04.13.2019: Coffee Chat for SLA Pittsburgh, Biddle's Escape in Regent Square (10:00 AM)

3.28.2019: "Using the Elevator Speech to Prove Your Value" - Co-hosted with the Philadelphia Chapter
Kathy Dempsey, Author of "The Accidental Library Marketer"

3.2.2019: Coffee Chat for SLA Pittsburgh, Carnegie Coffee Company in Carnegie (10:00 AM)


12.09.2018: Annual Holiday Business Meeting & Awards: Mary Callison's home in Pittsburgh's North Side

10.04.2018: "Introduction to Data Visualization" - Co-hosted with the Philadelphia Chapter - Flier / PDF
Emma Slayton, CLIR Fellow for Data Visualization & Curation, Carnegie Mellon University

8.11.2018: Coffee Chat for SLA Pittsburgh, Staghorn Cafe in Greenfield (10:00 AM)

7.17.2018: "Transforming Data into Knowledge and Knowledge into Health: Strategic Plan 2017-2027"

Dr. Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD, Director of the National Library of Medicine: University of Pittsburgh, Scaife Hall, Lecture Room 6
6.11.2018: Chapter Meetup @ SLA Annual – Baltimore, MD, The Yard at 110 South Eutaw St. (6 - 8pm)

5.17.2018: Escape The Room Event, sponsored by Leif Johnson/EBSCO, at Escape Room in Homestead


12.14.2017: Annual Awards, Business Meeting & Cookie Exchange - PDF
Sorrells Library, Carnegie Mellon University

9.15.2017: Pittsburgh Chapter Celebrates 95th Anniversary @ Heartwood Acres

7.20.2017: ‘Pittsburgh Trivia Night hosted by local legend, Rick Sebak”
Co-hosted with Beta Phi Mu chapter @ Dave & Busters, Waterfront Homestead

4.6.2017: ‘Prospect Research’, Ryan Champagne, Grants Development Coordinator: University of Pittsburgh

3.2.2017: Annual Conference Preview & Pretune @ Patron Mexican Grill - SLA in Phoenix


12.08.2016: Annual Awards & Business Meeting

10.19.2016: The Walking Data: Surviving and Slaying the Monster of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial) Records
Co-sponsored event w/ Pittsburgh Chapter of ARMA

8.5.2016: Warhol Archives Tour

6.2016: Chapter Meetup @ SLA Annual – Philadelphia, PA

3.23.2016: Craft Night (screen printing) w/ pop craft


11.12.2015: Annual Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

10.21.2015: ‘Open for All: Embracing Open in Your Library’ - Open Access Week
Dr. Lauren B. Collister, Scholary Communications Librarian: University of Pittsburgh

8.20.2015: H3 - Happy Hour @ Hofbrauhaus, South Side

7.28.2015: Heinz History Center Detre Library & Archives Tour

6.2015: Chapter Meetup @ SLA Annual – Boston, MA

5.28.2015: An Evening with Courtney Young, 2014-15 ALA President

3.16.2015: Tour of Barbour Library, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


12.3.2014: Annual Holiday, Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

11.5.2014: Student Networking Event

06.2014: Chapter Meetup @ SLA Annual – Vancouver, BC

4.15.2014: Current Copyright Issues: A presentation by Kateri Noone, Copyright Clearance Center

3.27.2014: Canada Night Potluck – Get Ready for Annual in Vancouver


12.5.2013: Annual Holiday, Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

11.6.2013: ‘GIS’, Patricia Roncevich, Barco Law Library: University of Pittsburgh

10.18.13: Student Networking Event – Panel Presentations
Lynn Berard, Denise Callihan, Rachel Callison, Amy Raimodi, and Christine Slippy

9.30.2013: ‘ePortfolios’, Nancy Flury Carlson, Westinghouse

7.9.2013: Networking Happy Hour @ The Porch – PDF

5.14.2013: Allegheny Observatory & Library Collection Tour – PDF

3.19.2013: “G. W. Leibniz: His Activities as a Librarian and Cryptographer” – PDF
Dr. Nicholas Rescher, University Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh


12.8.2012: Annual Holiday, Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

11.15.2012: “Build Your Own Box” Panel Discussion – PDF

9.28.2012: Tour of Children’s Hospital  – PDF

5.16.2012: eBook Panel Discussion

3.28.2012: People’s Library @ Occupy Wall Street
Bill Scott, English Professor – University of Pittsburgh


12.10.2011: Holiday Luncheon, Annual Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

9.13.2011: Enthusiasm in the Workplace – PDF
Kathleen Himmler, Dale Carnegie Training

4.20.2011: Successful Presentations: Tips for Information Professionals – PDF
Sharon Palchak, MLIS : Customer Education & Training Specialist @ ProQuest

2.17.2011: Pull Up a Chair: Chapter Members Panel Discussion – PDF
Denise Callihan: PPG Industries; Rachel Callison: SEI, Carnegie Mellon University; Haley Hodum: Direct Energy; Brian Steinmetz: Reed Smith LLP; Roye Werner: Carnegie Mellon University


12.15.2010: Panel Discussion on Business Analysis, Competitive Intelligence & Project Management – PDF
Denise Callihan; Rachel Callison; Haley Hodum; Brian Steinmetz; Roye Werner

12.11.2010: Holiday Banquet – Annual Awards & Business Meeting – PDF

5.22.2010: Tour of Iron Mountain (Boyers, PA)

4.8.2010: Living in More Than One World: Applying Peter Drucker’s Principles for Self-Management – PDF
Bruce Rosenstein – author & former librarian at USA TODAY

1.26.2010: New Year Social Event

2000 - 2009


12.5.2009: Holiday & Awards Party and Annual Business Meeting

11.20.2009: Student Networking Event
Casey Sirochman, Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

10.28.2009: Professional Development Event: “Put the Whee! back into Weeding!”
Nancy Flury-Carlson, Westinghouse

9.19.2009: An Afternoon with Vivian Hewitt: Watch on YouTube
Co-hosted with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

5.21.2009: Reverse Mentoring – Social Networking |
Blogging | Collaborative Workspaces | Facebook  |  Social Tagging | Twitter | Wiki Resources

4.15.2009: NOT Just Picture Books: Using Images to Document Your Research and Make Your Point
Charlee Brodsky, Carnegie Mellon University – School of Design

2.26.2009: Starting an Oral History Project
Barry Chad, Pennsylvania Dept.- Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

1.28.2009: Social & Networking Event w/ Medical Librarians - cancelled due to weather


12.06.2008: Holiday Brunch, Annual Awards & Business Meeting

11.19.2008: Student Networking Event

10.29.2008: Competitive Intelligence, Professional Competence
John E. Prescott, Phd – Thomas O’Brien Chair of Strategy & Director, Katz Doctoral Program, Univ. of Pittsburgh

9.24.2008: Leadership on the Rocks
Dr. Regina Schulte-Ladbeck – Professor of Astronomy & Physics, Univ. of Pittsburgh

9.12.2008: Tour of Allegheny Observatory

5.06.2008: Ethics Town Hall by Frank Dinglihaber – Founder & CEO of Questyle

4.30.2008 – 5.03.2008: Networking Event during the AIIP Conference

3.28.2008: Gaming in Special Libraries
Dan Hood & John Fudrow

2.28.2008: Professional Development Event: Pitt Meets East Asia

1.11.2008: A Night at the Symphony


12.06.2007: Holiday Party, Awards Banquet and Annual Business Meeting

11.27.2007: Student Networking Event

10.22.2007: Chapter’s 85th Anniversary Celebration
Special guest Rebecca Vargha, 2007 SLA President

9.18.2007: Making the Net-Work

6.03.2007: Informal Meet Up @ SLA Annual Conference

5.15.2007: Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

4.12.2007: Emerging Ideas and Technologies in Search

3.22.2007: Fostering Online Collaboration Using Wikis

2.10.2007: Animal Friends Tour

1.16.2007: Joint Winter Social


12.9.2006: Holiday, Awards & New Officers Party

11.17.2006: Student Group & Chapter Member Event

10.19.2006: Carnegie Museum of Natural History Library Tour

9.26.2006:  ‘Back to School’
Denise Callihan – PPG & Earl Mounts – ALCOA

6.12.2006: ‘Burghers in Baltimore @ SLA Conference 2006

3.15.2006: Patent Searching for Mortals
Alan Engel – Paterra, Inc

2.28.2006: Mindful Meditation
Kevin Henry – Forbes Hospice


12.2.2005: Holiday Party & New Officers

10.27.2005: “Digital Research Library @ Univ of Pittsburgh”
Ed Galloway, Coordinator Digital Projects

9.28.2005: SLA Conference in Toronto: A Recap

8.25.2005: Joint Summer Social w/ PRKMC & STC

4.26.2005: Member Recognition Banquet

2.22.2005: “Thriving Skills for Leaders”
Emily Schultheiss, Executive Coach

1.20.2005: “Information Ethics”
Toni Carbo, Professor @ SIS – University of Pittsburgh


12.8.2004: Holiday Party

10.24.2004: “Dealing with Subscription Agents & How to Negotiate License Agreements”
Barbara Spiegelman, Earl Mounts & Denise Callihan

9.21.2004: “Web Search: Public Searching of the Web”
Amanda Spink, Associate Professor @ SIS, University of Pittsburgh

7.20.2004: “Web Design & Usability: Tips, Techniques & Best Practices” SLA Virtual Learning Seminar
Darlene Fichter, Data Library Coordinator @ University of Saskatchewan

3.11.2004: Janice Lachance, Executive Director of SLA & Ethel Salonen, President-Elect of SLA

1.27.2004: “Beyond Marketing: Use of Consultative Selling to Promote Your Information Center”
Anne Caputo, Factiva


12.18.2003: Joint Holiday Party w/ WPLLA

11.17.2003: MLIS Student Pizza Party

10.23.2003: “Defining the Value of Information: Beyond ROI”
Patricia Currie, Quantum2 (Division of Dialog)

10.8.2003: Job Hunting Online: Teleconference @ School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Rachel Singer Gordon

9.8.2003: Ron Larsen, Dean – School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

3.4.2003: “Marketing Your Library!”
Monica Nogueira & Robert Brand, Knovel Corporation

4.23.2003: “Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002: How Does it Affect Your Company?”
Phil Brown, CEO Global Solutions


12.17.2002: Joint Holiday Social w/ WPLLA & MLA

11.21.2002: MLIS Student Pizza Party

10.28.2002: “Taking Charge of Your Career: Getting the Career You Want!”
Doris Helfer, California State University

5.29.2002: Annual Business Meeting: New Officers & Awards

4.30.2002: “ENRON and Beyond: The Growth of Securities Arbitration (And How You Can Be Ready!)”
Lucy Smith & Robert Massaro, CCH Inc.


12.12.2001: Jazzy Holiday Party – Live Jazz @ Dowes on 9th Jazz Club

11.15.2001: “Selling Yourself and Your Skills in a Hard-Sell Market” - MLIS Student Pizza Party
Sam Smith, Toastmasters Pittsburgh

11.9.2001: “Librarians Night @ the Pittsburgh Symphony” Backstage tour, Music Library tour & concert
Joann Vosburgh & Howard Hillyer, Pittsburgh Symphony Music Librarians

9.5.2001: Joint Social w/ WPLLA, MLA, & ARMA

5.24.2001: Annual Business Meeting: New Officers & Awards

4.26.2001: “Measuring and Assessing Return on Investment”
Anne Caputo, Factiva

2.22.2001: “Electronic Documents: How to Organize in the Electronic Information Age”
Steve Kravitz, FileNet

1.17.2001: “New Issues in Securities Research: A Look at Regulation FD and the New Rules and Regulations regarding Pooling of Interest"
Philip Brown, CEO Global Securities Information, Inc.


12.6.2000: Joint Holiday Social w/ WPLLA, MLA, & ARMA @ James Street Restaurant, North Side

11.16.2000: “Can the Leopard Change It’s Spots?” Panel Discussion – MLIS Student Pizza Party
John DiGilio, Moderator

10.24.2000: “Competitive Intelligence 101”
Amy Maxin, Bayer Corp. & Jan Bamford, Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Pittsburgh Chapter

9.27.2000: “Intranets: Expanding the Possibilities within Your Organization”
Rori Kuhns, Factiva

8.30.2000: Joint Social w/ WPLLA, MLA, & ARMA

4.27.2000: “Exploring the Possibilities of Information Portals”
Joint video teleconference with MLIS Students @ SIS – University of Pittsburgh

5.25.2000: Annual Business Meeting: New Officers & Awards

3.28.2000: “Becoming a Training Professional Within Your Organization”
Barbara Burton, Factiva

2.24.2000: “Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Marketing the Modern Special Library”
Harry Beckwith, Video Presentation