Chapter Awards & Honors

Each year, we celebrate members of the Pittsburgh Chapter (CPIT) who have gone above and beyond the call of duty at our Annual Business Meeting and our Awards Banquet in November. Currently, the chapter has 7 awards. Nominations, including self nominations, are accepted after September 1st of every year.

CPIT Award Nomination Form: PDF / DOC

Special Library Association Awards: Chapter Recipients
All SLA Awards: Descriptions | Recipients

Fellow of SLA (1987- present)
2003: G. Lynn Berard
1999: Barbara M. Spiegelman
1993: Toni Carbo Bearman
1987: Mary Vasilakis

Hall of Fame (1959 – present) 
1999: Angela (Ange) Pollis
1991: Mary Vasilakis
1964: Dr. Jolan M. Fertig

H.W. Wilson Award
1966: Pittsburgh Chapter

IEEE Continuing Education Stipend Award (Engineering Division)
2007: Donna Beck

John Cotton Dana Lecturer
1968: Nancy M. Wright
1966: Robert Fidoten
1966: Virginia Sternberg

Kirk Cabeen Travel Stipend Award (SciTech Division)
2008: Gail Stebbins (Student Relations Chair, CPIT & former Student Pres/Webmaster SLA-PSG)

Karen J. Switt Leadership Award (Leadership Management Division)
1990: Barbara M. Spiegelman

Member Achievement Award (2003 – present)
Sponsored by Thomson Scientific and Dialog
2003: John J. DiGilio (first recipient)

Presidential Citation (1968 – present)
2004: G. Lynn Berard (Chair – Executive Director Selection Committee)

Professional Award
1955: Dr. Jolan M. Fertig

Rose L. Vormelker Award (1998 – present)
2019: Eve Wider
2012: Denise Callihan
1999: G. Lynn Berard

Special Achievement Award
1964: Lucille Jackson Strauss

Student and Academic Affairs Advisory Council (SAAC)
2007: SLA-PSG – University of Pittsburgh Student Group (2 awards)
(Gail Stebbins & Jeanne Hoover)

2006: SLA-PSG – University of Pittsburgh Student Group
(Steve Ely, President / Webmaster)

Chapter Awards

Catalyst Award
Recognizes a member who has provided innovative solutions to issues
that significantly affect the mission and values of the Chapter.

Innovations in Technology Award
Given to a member who has developed methods or tools to streamline and simplify
information tasks through the use of advanced technology so as to achieve actionable results.

Leadership Award
Recognizes a Chapter member who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and service to the Chapter over the past year.

Lifetime Achievement
Honors a professional librarian for outstanding achievement and accomplishments reflecting the goals of the library profession. The honoree will have shown extended and sustained periods of distinguished commitment to the Pittsburgh Chapter and SLA.

Mentoring Award
Presented to a Chapter member in recognition of exceptional contributions in the area of mentoring students and/or practicing professionals in the field.

Promising Professional
Awarded to a new information professional in order to encourage participation in SLA and Chapter activities. Award is to be used to defray costs associated with attending Annual (summer) Conference of the Special Libraries Association. NOMINATION CRITERIA (2019)

Publication / Authorship Award
Presented to a Chapter member who has made a significant contribution to the published literature or created an important electronic document or tool. Examples include: journal articles, conference presentations, book chapters, web pages, blogs, etc. 

Pittsburgh Chapter Award Recipients

December 2006 was the first year that awards were distributed at the end of the year.
Prior to this instance, the Chapter's Awards banquet was held in April.

Catalyst (2005 – present)
2012: Rachel Callison
2011: Amy (Yonick) Raimondi
2009: Donna Beck
2008: Gail Stebbins
2005: Amy Watson (first recipient)

Chapter Leadership: Merit / Service (1955- present)
2018: Kiera Mudry (Service)
2016: Donna Beck & Olivia Glotfelty (Merit & Service)
2015: Ryan Splenda (Merit & Service)
2014: Carrie Wardzinski (Merit & Service)
2013: Margarete Bower (Merit & Service)

2012: Eve Wider (Merit & Service)
2010: Rachel Callison (Merit & Service)
2009: Denise Callihan (Merit & Service)
2008: Amy Watson (Merit & Service)
2007: G. Lynn Berard (Merit) & Deborah Barker (Service)
2006: Animal Friends Service Project Team (Service)
Margarete Bower – Denise Callihan – Jan Deitch – Irene Finke (student)- Kim Gregory – Lynn Labun – Earl Mounts – Kati Nolfi (student) – Lu Zhou (student)
2005: Adele Barsh (Service)

2004: Dr. William Buchanan (Service) 
2003: Kim Gregory (Service) 
2002: Denise Callihan (Service) 
2001: John DiGiglio (Merit) 
2000: Earl Mounts (Service)
1999: Barbara L. Folb (Service)
1998: Betsy W. Schlueter (Service)
1997: G. Lynn (Tinsley) Berard (Service)
1996: Barbara Richards (Merit)
1995: Karola Yourison (Merit)
1994: Earl Mounts (Merit)
1993: Strategic Planning Committee (Service):
Nora Barecca – Chuck Broadbent – Nancy Flury-Carlson – Amy Haugh – Cynthia Hodgson – Diana Lammert
1992: Nancy Flury Carlson (Merit)

1991: Elizabeth Kwater (Merit)
1990: James O’ Conner (Service) 
1982: Helen Lamrey (Service) 
1981: Catherine Brosky (Service) 
1980: Mary Jane Volk (Service) & Linda Spence (Presidential Citation)
1967: Margaret Sullivan
1959: Daniel R. Pfoutz
1958: Mary M. Lynch
1957: Kenneth Fagerhaugh
1956: Edith Portman
1955: Dr. Jolan Fertig & Elizabeth Fry

Innovations in Technology
2013: Donna Beck
2008: Karen Liljequist
2007: Rachel Callison & Amy Watson
2004: Adele Barsh

Lifetime Achievement (2007 – present)
2015: Denise Callihan
2013: Nancy Flury Carlson
2011: Esther Nathanson
2010: Lynn Berard
2008: Ange Pollis
2007: Robert (Bob) Sullivan, Jr. (first recipient)

Mentoring (2007 – present)
2013: Lynn Berard & Eve Wider
2008: Denise Callihan & Eve Wider
2007: Earl Mounts (first recipient)

Promising Professional (2008 – present)
-Prior to 2008, this was the Student Travel Award- 
2019: Kiera Mudry
2018: Liz Hogan
2017: Olivia Glotfelty
2016: Ryan Splenda
2015: Carrie Wardzinski
2013: Leslie Eibl (Poljak)

2012: Ellie Gehman
2011: Deb Martin
2010: Casey Sirochman
2009: Haley Hodum
2004: Donna Beck

Publication & Authorship
2019: Olivia Glotfelty-Scheuering
2017: Ryan Splenda
2013: Mark Vrabel

2011: Lynn Berard
2009: Amy Watson | Eve Wider & Kate Joranson
2008: Donna Beck & Rachel Callison
2007: John Fudrow
2006: Amy Watson
2005: Earl Mounts
2004: Denise Callihan

'Golden Retread'*     
2016: Leslie Eibl Poljak, 2015 & 2016 | Carrie Wardzinski, 2015 & 2016, “Wind Beneath (GRs) Wings”
2010: Brian Steinmetz, 2004 & 2011

2006: Earl Mounts, 1990 & 2006
-Edith Portman served 1936-1938-
*Served twice as president

Special Retirement Recognition
1968: Margaret S. Sullivan
1968: Geraldine Anderson Daum

Honorary Member of Pittsburgh Chapter
1956: E.H. McClelland