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Library Consortium Licensing Services Manager - Los Angeles

By Beth Autin posted 01-07-2020 14:00

Job Summary

Work with the SCELC Licensing Services Team and assigned set of SCELC vendors to negotiate electronic resource licenses and offers that expand SCELC libraries’ access to information resources and services. Develop and maintain productive relationships with vendors and libraries, contributing to conversations and activities that support SCELC’s mission and advance librarianship.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Negotiate licenses for assigned SCELC vendors
○ Review new license legal terms and conditions, requesting changes that maximize library and user rights, establish vendor responsibilities, limit consortial and library liability, and increase transparency and clarity.
○ Negotiate license change requests with vendors, tracking changes, suggesting creative solutions, and finding compromise when necessary.
○ Address judgement calls with the licensing services team, seeking consensus and Executive Director input and approval when necessary.

2. Manage licenses for assigned SCELC vendors
○ Ensure that SCELC has license documentation for assigned vendors, maintaining a license inventory that tracks license timing and structure.
○ Communicate license terms to library subscribers via term summaries, business system integration, and by addressing specific questions.
○ Maintain digital and physical repositories of license documentation including original signed documents, amendments, addenda, and VPATs.
○ Renew existing licenses prior to their expiration dates, negotiating changes with vendors as necessary.
○ Collaborate with other staff to interpret license terms vis-a-vis SCELC procedures and workflow to determine when additional negotiation with vendors is

3. Negotiate offer pricing and ongoing SCELC discounts with assigned vendors
○ Advocate for pricing models and parameters that make resources accessible to small to medium size academic and research libraries, maximizing eligibility and transparency.
○ Prioritize negotiations based on library and vendor demand for products and services, managing expectations as to offer and product availability and impact.
○ Determine and document ongoing discounts and pricing terms, adding them as license appendices when necessary or expeditious.

4. Collaborate with assigned vendors to market and promote offers to SCELC libraries
○ Connect with vendors through email, phone calls, video conferencing, in-person meetings and at conferences
○ Review vendor offer submissions for sufficient breadth, detail and accuracy, editing for clarity and ease of use by SCELC libraries; draft new offers when necessary
○ Maximize the impact and value of SCELC offers through email announcements, regular reminders, and webinars.
○ Maintain as many current offers as possible while allowing time for responsiveness to library and vendor requests for new offers.

5. Work closely with the Director of Licensing Services to ensure a high level of library and vendor customer satisfaction by balancing ongoing requests with process and service improvements, completing other duties as assigned by the Director of Licensing Services.

6. Other Responsibilities
○ Serve as liaison to a SCELC Committee, and serve as an ex-officio member of the Product Review & License Advisory Committees
○ Contribute actively to the organization through feedback and suggestions regarding the workflow, procedures, and systems used at SCELC. Document and share procedures and help develop the SCELC-wide procedure manual.
○ In conjunction with SCELC and host institution staff, provide support for events such as Committee meetings, Workshops, Vendor Day, and/or Colloquium.

Job Requirements
1. Required degree: B.A.; Preferred: MLIS, or equivalent library or vendor experience
2. Basic html skills, familiarity with Google collaborative and MS Office software
3. Ability to work in a fast-paced, self-directed environment with skilled attention to detail
4. Ability to work independently and organize one’s own activities without close
supervision, prioritizing tasks to make sure that the most important are completed first
5. Ability to work collaboratively, following guidelines and instructions
6. Desire to master electronic resource management workflows, tools, and techniques

Desired Skills
1. Experience with working with information resource acquisitions in the library field
2. Experience reviewing library vendor licenses
3. Experience with Web Content Management Systems; familiarity with Drupal a plus
4. Customer service experience

To apply, please send your resume to:
Jason Price
Director of Licensing Services, SCELC