2021 Advisory Board Members

Happy New Year! We're pleased to inform you of our 2021 Advisory Board membership and open positions.

 Executive Board

  • President                            Karin Mente
  • President-Elect                   Jenny Reiswig   
  • Secretary                            Hannah Martin

 Advisory Board

  • Archivist                              Marissa Marmolejo
  • Communications                 Beth Autin
  • Hospitality                           Kristi Ehrig-Burgess

 New Advisory Board member:

  • Webmaster                        Melissa Knudtson

 Past-President Advisors

  • President 2020: Andrew Blatchford
  • President 2019: Jamie Lin

Open positions

  • Fall Seminar Directors (2)
  • Employment Chair
  • Vendor Relations  
  • Nominating Committee
2020 Pres and Past Pres
SLA-SD Past President Jamie Lin and 2020 Past President Andrew Blatchford at the SLA-SD Holiday Dinner 2019

Public Items

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