Foster Description

2022 Science-Technology and Asian Community Diane K. Foster Student Award
to attend Special Libraries Association (SLA) Conference
from July 31 to August 02, 2022 at Charlotte, NC, U.S.A.


The Science-Technology Community (DST) of SLA will be offering an Award jointly with Asian Community. The successful applicant will receive an award certificate and an award of US$2,500 towards the cost (which includes conference registration, accommodation, and economy return airfare) to attend the 2022 SLA Annual Conference, being held from July 31 to August 02, 2022 at Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. The award will be formally acknowledged at the SLA Annual Conference 2022 in S&T Award session.

Applicants must:
  • Be enrolled in an accredited Master or Ph.D. level LIS programme in Asian Communities during the current academic year.
  • Be interested in a career in special librarianship, preferably with a focus on working in a science and technology environment.
  • Be a first-time attendee at an SLA conference

Post Award Requirements
The recipient of the 2022 Science-Technology Community / Asian Community Student
Award will be:
1. Required to write a brief article on their conference experience for publication in the SLA S&T Community’s website.
2. Asked to maintain contact with the Asian Community/ Chapter Board during the year of their Award.
3. Asked to serve on the Science-Technology Community Awards Committee

Application Procedure
You will need 3 documents to apply for the 2022 Diane K. Foster Student Award: a statement, a CV/resume, and a letter of recommendation. All documents should be in English.  Application documents should demonstrate you meet the eligibility criteria for the award.  Please submit your documents to


Statement: Write a two part statement of a maximum 1200 words for all parts in total.
  • Part one: Tell us why you chose to pursue a career in LIS and why you might want to pursue a career in the area of your chosen Community.
  • Part two: Tell us what you anticipate getting out of the conference of SLA Annual Conference and what impact you think this award will have on you personally and/or professionally.
CV/resume: Include a copy of your most current CV/resume with your current postal and email addresses as well as a current telephone number.

Letter of recommendation: Include a letter which explains why you would be a good candidate for this Award. The recommendation may come from your supervisor at work, or a professional colleague not at your own workplace, or, if you are a student, from a lecturer or faculty advisor from your course.