SciTech News

SciTech News (ISSN 0036-8059), published quarterly (March, June, September and December), is the official bulletin of the Chemistry, Engineering, Science-Technology Divisions, the Aerospace Section of the Engineering Division and the Materials Research and Manufacturing Section of the Chemistry Division of the Special Libraries Association. The contents of articles and editorials are not to be construed as being or representing the official position of the sponsoring divisions nor the Association. As of January 1, 2010, all issues are published electronically at Access is currently free for all.

Publication Schedule:

Deadline for content is the 1st of the previous month

  • February 1st for March issue
  • May 1st for June issue
  • August 1st for September issue
  • November 1st for December issue

Issue-specific content:

All issues contain the following content:

    • “From the Chair” column – This content is at the discretion of the Division/Section Chair but usually includes an update of Division/Section activities, news, issues to inform the members, or topics that the Chair wants to cover. Length can vary from one to 2 pages. (400-1000 words) Please do NOT format your column with underlines, tables etc., as this creates more work for the paste-up person (Assistant Editor.) If you wish to bullet or emphasize a particular word or sentence that is fine, although we may edit it as needed. Each Chair should submit a photo for the “From the Chair” section. Picture should be head/shoulder pose, in electronic format (jpg or gif preferred).
    • New members list – This can include affiliation, contact information, email address
    • Officers – The complete list is published in the March issue, a truncated list, i.e. chair, chair elect, secretary, treasurer, membership chair, is published in each subsequent issue
    • Suggested Content – Spotlight on a member, a library, or a Division/Section activity. The last can be a request for nominations for an award, logo competitions, paper/poster submissions, etc.

March Issue:

  • Full listing of Division/Section boards
  • Any year end reports available by the February 1st deadline

Pre-conference (June) issue content:

  • Most Chairs will highlight upcoming programs at the conference. Sponsors may be listed with the program abstracts. In recent years we’ve had complete program listings with dates, times and brief descriptions as in the preliminary program, with room assignments, if known.
  • May also include candidate profiles for elections, but this may appear at any appropriate time.
  • This issue could also have Division financial or membership trends reports, etc.

Post-conference (September) issue content:

  • Program summaries (these may be published in two issues, depending on the length)
  • Travel awardee reports

December issue content:

  • Annual report of the outgoing chair
  • As appropriate:
    • Committee reports
    • Essays from award winners
    • Pictures of award winners
    • Abstracts of papers submitted to conference programs
    • Member news
    • Board minutes

Note: Each Division/Section should encourage their members to submit articles to STN. While the articles can be on any appropriate subject, articles on topics of special interest to your Division are especially encouraged.

Editor reserves the right to edit all copy

Call for Articles:

SciTech News is looking for a few good authors! If you have a research project, a new service in your library, a new instructional method, or other information you’d like to share with your colleagues, please consider writing for SciTech News. In addition to the regular articles, we now have a refereed section. Colleagues will review your article and provide feedback. Accepted articles will be published in the new electronic SciTech News. This is an excellent venue to get your research and ideas out to a group of interested readers and get that important refereed article for your dossier or annual review. 

Refereed Section:

In addition to the regular articles, we have the capacity to host refereed articles. Colleagues will review your article and provide feedback. Accepted articles will be published in the new electronic Sci-Tech News. This is an excellent venue to get your research and ideas out to a group of interested readers and get that important refereed article for your dossier or annual review. 

Advertising in SciTech News:

Advertise your product in SciTech News! Sci-Tech News is the official bulletin of the science- and technology-oriented divisions of the Special Libraries Association. It is included in the membership of the Chemistry, Engineering, and Science-Technology Divisions, and of the Aerospace and Materials Research & Manufacturing Sections.

The SciTech News is:

  • Published quarterly
  • Subscribers in over 20 countries
  • Subscribers include some of the major academic, public, and government libraries worldwide
  • Global publication on the Web:
  • Color ads will be accepted

Advertising Rates/Sizes/Policies for 2016:

  • Business Card Size (1/8 Page: 3.729” wide x 2.363” high) – $50
  • Banner (1/4 Page Horizontal: 7.625” wide x 2.363” high) – $100
  • 1/4 Page Vertical (3.729” wide x 4.893” high) – $100
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal (7.625” wide x 4.893” high) – $200
  • 1/2 Page Vertical (3.729” wide x 9.952” high) – $200
  • Full Page (7.625 wide x 10.126” high) – $250

Specifications: SciTech News is printed online, justified, double-column format on 8.5 by 11 inch size.

Printing details: Trim and/or register marks should be removed. Advertisers should furnish camera-ready copy, in color or black/white, digital copy, a minimum of 72 dots per inch (screen resolution), but preferably 150-300 dpi (printer resolution). Ads can be full color, prefer jpg or gif formats, but can handle tif, psd, or pdf. Live links to products can be supplied by advertiser.

Payment: Payment for the year would be appreciated with advertisement copy and Insertion Order. Invoicing arrangements considered upon request. Repeat advertisements are invoiced prior to publication and are payable within thirty (30) days of the date of our invoice. Please make all checks payable to Sci-Tech News.

Please contact Helen Josephine, Advertising Manager at with specific questions or to place an advertising insertion order.

Responsibilities of Participating Divisions:

Each Division will be assessed a bill based on the number of members in the Division as of December 31 of the preceding year. Payment is due to the Business Manager of STN. Since 2011 the rate is $1 per member. Divisions that join STN during the calendar year will have their assessment pro-rated for the number of issues left in that calendar year, based on Division membership as of the previous December 31st.

Other Information:

All text is reviewed and revised by the editor and proofed for grammar. Only grammatical and minor changes for readability and clarity will be made without correspondence with the writer.

The Divisions/Sections may send pictures to be used in their section of the publication. Award winners, open house candid pictures, and special speakers are just a few of the possible examples. While publication is not guaranteed, all attempts will be made to include the pictures. PLEASE be sure all pictures have captions with names of those pictured, if at all possible.

Advertisements are solicited by the Advertising Manager of STN. Income from ads is deposited to the STN account and is the sole property of STN. Any income from one issue that exceeds the costs of that particular issue is banked to offset costs of future issues.

Divisions/Sections are encouraged to forward information to the Advertising Manager or Editor concerning vendors that might be willing to advertise in STN. Ads keep the cost of STN down and benefit all of the Divisions

Deadlines are noted in each issue of STN. An electronic reminder is sent to all chairs approximately two weeks before the deadline.