Social Science Division

The Social Science Division, founded in 1923 as the Civics Group, was SLA’s second oldest division at the time of its merger with the Museums, Arts, & Humanities Division in 2018. It included five sections:

  • International Affairs Section
    This section included librarians who work in foreign relations, economic development, social issues, and peace and conflict management.
  • Nonprofit Section
    This section included librarians who work with philanthropy, research, and special interests.
  • Public Policy Section
    This section included libraries who work with policies and plans developed by governmental institutions and directed toward social needs and public problems, including topics such as health and human services, economics, urban affairs, employment and training, community development, aspects of the social safety net, and planning.
  • Geography and Map Section
    This section included the professions of geography and map librarianship. as well as the production, procurement, processing, and utilization of geographic and cartographic materials. In 2003, the Geography and Map Division merged with the Social Science Division and became a section.
  • Labor Issues Section
    This section included information professionals from labor unions, academic institutions, and research organizations concerned with industrial relations, social issues affecting workers, and broader issues of employment and the workplace around the world. Members have an interest in employment relationship issues, compensation and benefits, family labor issues, work arrangements, and workforce quality. The section provides an opportunity for sharing among those interested in related public policy, research, and legal issues. Members share a deep concern for archiving and preserving the records of the social history of the working person.

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