Museum, Arts, and Humanities Division

The Museum, Arts, and Humanities Division, founded in 1929 as the Museum Group and reaching division status in 1971, was one of SLA’s oldest divisions at the time of its merger with the Social Science Division in 2018. The Museums, Arts, and Humanities Division encompasses librarians and information specialists from all types of museums (including, but not limited to, general, science, and history museums); from historical societies, institutions, and other organizations having special departments or special collections devoted to the arts, decorative and performing arts, architecture and humanities; and from both public and private organizations having libraries or subject collections devoted to the creative arts and/or other branches of the humanities.

Museum, Arts & Humanities Division Bulletin Archive, 2000-2009

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Museum, Arts & Humanities Division Board Meeting Minutes

Museum, Arts & Humanities Division Conference Programs, 2002-2017

William B. Neff and MAHD Travel Grant Awardees, 2002-2014

Museum, Arts, and Humanities of the Special Libraries Association: 50th Anniversary Celebration, 1929-1979