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FW: Archives Librarian, ViacomCBS, NJ

  • 1.  FW: Archives Librarian, ViacomCBS, NJ

    Posted 01-03-2020 15:55

    Strong communication and customer service skills are needed to perform work in the CBS News Archive. Archivists will deal with various CBS News Units Producers, Broadcast Associates and outside Sales clients. A strong skill set should include understanding of current events and history. Archivists are required to monitor the Avid Digital Asset Management System for incoming orders from the CBS News Units. Tape orders are physically fulfilled or digitized for use. Existing digital media is restored from the LTO/Cloud archive. The contact person is notified electronically when their order is completed. Strong technical skills are needed to operate and navigate the Ingest Room with various tape formats being digitized. Archivists are also responsible for assisting users with location of reference library materials such as newspapers, microfilm, magazines, journals and books, scanning material when necessary. Archivists must catalog metadata using keywords for all CBS News footage obtained in the CBS News Archives. This is a 24/7 facility located in Metropark, NJ.